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Temple Alchemy Healing

Alchemy is the ancient healing process that is embodied by the landscapes of the Earth.  It is the process of nature, recycling old energy into new life. Our physical and energetic bodies are Alchemical, we hold the ability to recycle all that is not of service us into Prana energy. By consciously engaging this process we can transform blocks and problems in our physical, mental, emotional and lived realities.  Liberating stuck energy, sets us free from the past and fills us with life force energy so that we can manifest the life we want. It is one of the most effective and empowering forms of healing that I have ever witnessed in over ten years of working as a healer and channel.
During the session
I will be channeling guidance to help you get to the core of the block. Using  Master Alchemist Energies and revolutionary techniques which awaken the silver light of Alchemy into your aura.  Illuminating what you need to know, liberating what you need to let go of and rejuvenating what you need for your path.
What is Temple Alchemy and how does it work?
Here is an interview that Kahreela did with Steve Nobel on 'Temple Alchemy' Healing and how it works.
How do one to ones work?
One to ones will always be in your highest good- they often combine, channelling, energy work and whatever else is needed for you as an individual such as card readings and attunements. All one to one's are so personal, they are tailored to what you need to release and receive. They are always filled with love, guidance and wonderful energies. One to ones can be done in person at my home in Brighton or alternatively, depending on requirements, can be done over Skype particularly useful for those overseas or unable to make it to Brighton.​
Price & Details

An Alchemy session is between 120-140mins.


In Person £355
Skype £255

"Holy Alchemy! My Alchemy session with Kahreela was one of the most powerful healing sessions I have ever experienced. She guided me deep into my subconscious core wounds- into the shadow of the aspect of myself still lost in trauma and suffering. The result was a massive inner shift as my heart expanded, my womb became more sovereign, and my root felt a deeper connection to Gaia. I released so much density blocking me from truly being in my body, from truly feeling safe and at home with mother Gaia, and she helped open me up to aligning to stepping more into my power. To share space with Kahreela and have her witness the darker parts of my journey without judgment and with complete unconditional love, was another piece to this alchemical healing in itself. It is a bit hard to put into words what I experienced, but what I can say from my heart is that Kahreela is an incredibly gifted channel and healer and I am in such gratitude to have come across her beautiful light on my path. If you feel guided to work with her I would absolutely not hesitate! So much love and appreciation for her service :)"