Starlight Temple
Operating in Hove, Brighton, London and around the world.
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Temple Channelings

Channeling is one of the four pillars of Starlight Temple, it is at the heart of everything that Kahreela does and her gift and experience with it is truly amazing. These sessions will open you up to messages and healings that are waiting for you to open up to them. 
During the session
Receive channelled guidance and ask the guides questions about your path, direction or literally any aspect of your life. Channeling will always give you a bigger picture perspective. Often one to one channelling brings messages from your own guides and higher-self as well.
Price & Details

Approx 60-75 mins per session

In Person £177
Skype £122

How do one to ones work?
One to ones will always be in your highest good- they often combine, channelling, energy work and whatever else is needed for you as an individual such as card readings and attunements. All one to one's are so personal, they are tailored to what you need to release and receive. They are always filled with love, guidance and wonderful energies. One to ones can be done in person at my home in Brighton or alternatively, depending on requirements, can be done over Skype particularly useful for those overseas or unable to make it to Brighton.​
I was drawn to booking 1:1 Skype sessions with Kahreela at a time I felt I need to work out some issues in an accelerated manner and with someone who can guide and hold a pure heart space. Kahreela's energy is so pure, loving and dedicated to her mission that I've experienced powerful energetic shifts almost in each session and in between.. Kahreela was also as caring to follow up between sessions and encouraged me to do energy work every day with channeled assignments.. I feel like I've came out of the darkest part of the dark night of the soul during my work with her and received priceless channeled guidance. Can't thank her enough.