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Fire retreat
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An Experiential Astrology and Channeled Healing Workshop 

With David Nicol, Kate Naga, & Kahreela Anhara of the Starlight Temple

13th August 2023
At a beautiful & private nature sanctuary in

Dear Seeker of Beauty,


This day is your invitation to align with the astrological, cosmic, and natural forces that can carry you into Change. 

2023 is a pilgrimage year.

A Pilgrimage is a journey that expands your faith.

This year is taking all of us to our edges and favouring those who take a leap of faith. 


This workshop is sacred space and processes to upgrade your faith! FAITH in your self, in your path, and in the vision of the new earth that you are here to co-create. 


Prepare to be immersed in a tapestry of experiential practices, channeled guidance, and transformative energy healing, meticulously crafted to support you in flowing with the currents of change that are inevitably happening in this pilgrimage year.

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