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Ready to Raise your vibration?

Instantly raise your vibration, feel good,

feel confident, feel focused, feel aligned and 

make this year YOUR year

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Since your Higher-self got you to this page , You are ready to receive incredible channeled information and wisdon that will launch you into a higher frequency aligned with your souls purpose, abundance and fullfillment and NEXT LEVEL manifesting.

A series of 8 transmissions plus one free BONUS transmission

Each transmission is an opportunity to connect to and merge with more of your higher self-vibration. Each of the mini transmissions will be channeled teaching and include a practice that raises your vibration and helps you to merge with more of your higher self choices, which are key to your greatest alignment.

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What is includeD:

Inside this self-paced course, you will receive access to 9 pre-recorded audio transmissions designed to activate, align and uplift your vibrational frequencies to NEXT LEVEL Status, these guided channeled transmissions contain ancient magical wisdom specifically to raise your vibrational with High frequency codes and activations

With over 16 hours of channeled wisdom and activations

raising the Vibration of... 
Your Breath ...
Your Body ...

Your Mind ...
Your Energy ...
Your Love ...
Your Truth ...
Your Life Force Energy ...
Your Wholeness.



Meet Kahreela (your channel and teacher) AND the Founder of the Starlight Temple which began in 2012.

'My path of Healing, Shadow work, Alchemy and Channeling began in my late teens, I was looking for ways to help myself because I was so depressed and struggling. I have worked as a Healer for over 10 years and in 2011 I started Channeling, I also explored many different techniques including Shadow work and Alchemy. These practices supported my empowerment, ability to manifest and my journey of becoming happy. In 2012 I began to space hold for groups, my intention as a space holder was and still is to empower those I hold space for, to hold them and see them without judging them so that they can love, heal and raise themselves out of the wounds of the past. From that intention, my path evolved into something that was deeply transformational as I began to implement Shadow work and Alchemy Healing into my work. My evolving practice as a Channel allowed me the confidence to start coaching Channeling in order to help each of the people I work with to develop their unique connection because connection and Channeling have made my life so full, happy and magical. Magic the word that fills my heart with joy, I love the magic of synchronicity, alignment, the magic of tribe and deep self-communion that create such profound change in people’s lives. I love my path, I love the people I hold space for and I love the guides, experiencing Alchemy, the release in Shadow Work and the and healing energies I channel'

What our students say

I've taken three courses with Starlight now and each one has supported my personal growth and ability to contribute to the world around me in a more integrated, present and less reactive way. Each course has been led with a beautiful amount of care, integrity and non-judgement' Kate

'The warmth, pure joy and connection that Kahreela embodies is rare.
Her passion and gifts are a guiding light which is truly needed on Earth.'

'Kahreela and the Starlight Temple team are the real deal; in the short time I've worked with them I've learned so much and feel incredibly well supported on my spiritual path. The courses are very well organised and communication and support for participants is excellent. Cassandra

'Starlights offerings are in a league of their own.
Beautiful teachings, channeling and guidance received from the Higher Realms through Kahreela, and shared with Love and Clarity to All who feel called.
Kahreela is the most amazing space holder and channel Ive come across. There is not one moment that she falters in the Love, Care and Wisdom that emanates from Her,

Watch the video and see what kahreelas guides have to say about raising your vibration at this time

For a Limited Time only £99
Normally £333

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*We are so confident in your results that we are offering a FULL MONEY BACK Guarantee!!

Show me that you have listened to every recording and journaled your experience AND if you feel the same as you did before we will refund your experience. 

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