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Make Your Home a Temple


A Home Energy Clearing Course with Gina

27th September - 19th October 2021

Only 6 places


This course is not a lesson in sage-ing your house!

This is a sacred, vibration-raising opportunity to open, activate, clear and care for the portals in your house/flat.

Every home has a portal system through which energy enters and exits. Clearing and activating the entrance and exit portals allow for your home to have a clean, clear and healthy flow of energy through it. The portals in the home serve in bringing blessings and high vibrations into your life and releasing that which is not of service: old, stagnant, heavy energy. 

Healthy energy flow within the home can be described as being as essential as healthy flow within the chakras of the body. 
Just as when the chakras are healthy and flowing your life is more vibrant and fulfilled, so is this true for the vibration of the home. Living with healthy chakras in a space of blocked home energy is like putting clean water into stagnant water, for you are energetically connected to the space that you call home. 
The portals will serve your spiritual and healing journey, your relationships, your work, creativity and abundance. 

This course will gift you with the channeled teachings, activated tools*, guidance and one-to-one support needed to activate the entrance and exit portals of the home. This will help you to clear out old stagnant energy and bring blessings into your life by bringing them into your home.


Why would I want to use or need to house clear?


Good vibes/bad vibes, we’ve all stepped into a room at one time, a party, a bar, a house and had that feeling (I don’t want to be here, I don’t feel welcomed). Why is that? – Because our energy bodies get the information well in advance of our brains as to whether someplace resonates with us or not.  Starlight-Temple’s “Make Your Home A Temple” course, works with your home space to make sure that people entering your home feel welcomed by the energy and the atmosphere.


If your home is getting you down or making you feel like you don’t belong, then this course is for you.


Perhaps you have a corner in the room that always builds up a confused mess of junk or dust or mould or an area where the energy is so stagnant that friends and family feel sleepy when they visit. This kind of cleaning service, won’t pick up your clean laundry for you or iron your shirts, but it will let you into what’s happening in your space and bring insight as to why you procrastinate in certain rooms and why you are uplifted and happy in others. Each home is totally unique, but they all contain the potential to be self cleaning energy-wise.


By turning your home into a temple space, both you, your family, your pets and your visitors will feel the difference and as you come into guardianship of your home, it starts taking care of you too.


As an energy worker, I would often help a client and end up with a headache! Oh, I realised that I was cleaning and clearing for my client, but adding to my own load. This home clearing method works for you as you step back into your sovereign space it can help you to dust off the extra energies you may have picked up out and about and re-cycle them.  An energetic washer/dryer is how I describe it.


Imagine a sanctuary, that works with you on your mission… this method is great for healers, lightworkers etc, but it can even have an effect upon your family and your animals.


Let’s talk about what happens now that you are working from home… How do you switch off?

Can you make an area for home-work space and leave the rest of the house for relaxation and family or do you tend to work all around the house and never feel fully switched off?


The Starlight Temple’s “Make Your Home A Temple” course is able to, with your help, diagnose your living space and come up with solutions, for example, one area may be made sovereign and designated for work use only.  Or at the flick of a switch / a change of lighting will take you from work to play area. We can’t tell up front, as each home space is unique, but part of the process of the course is diagnosis: each room of each house is carefully tuned into and yourself, your spaceholder, your course facilitator and the channeled guidance will combine to bring you a reading of what is going on in your house and how to solve it.


Of course, if you do need a plumber, the energy clearing course will not be all you need, you will need a plumber! However, this method may well help you to see what is wrong with the house and bring the correct guidance and solutions. Not only that your sink is blocked, but why is your sink always getting blocked and how does this resonate with your own energy body, it may even lead to health tips and medicines that are offered to the sink and are right for your body too… It's not a formula, each house’s needs are bespoke, each diagnosis uniquely guided for both you and your home.


Why would you need the Starlight Temple’s “Make Your Home A Temple” course? 


If your home is getting you down or making you feel like you don’t belong, then this course is for you. If your home still feels like the last person who owned it is dominating the space, then this course is for you. Or if you just want to increase the vibrational energy of your space, then this course is for you.

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules






Through webinars, videos, Vlogs Meditations and Channeled Activations the course will include: 

Introduction Webinar

Tuning into Energy of your Home Meditation 


Guardianship Ceremony - Getting Permission from Gaia 


Temple Light Langue Activations of Tools


Portal locating and preparing 


One to Ones: Individual time with Gina before and after the main clearing (1 hr total)


Clearing stagnant portals and home


Activating and opening the portals


Energy restoration and protection


Altar Blessing Portal 


Crystalline your Portals Transmission


Abundance Anchoring 


Working with your Portals Webinar 


Caring for your Portals Guidance  


Daily Channeled Support from the Space holders on our Sacred Temple Space


Community Q and A time


Image by Katherine Hanlon

At the heart of Starlight is Community and that extends to our online courses. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and held online space for the full duration of the course. Feedback, assistance and guidance is always available to you on our Temple Space and there are regular allotted one to one times with Gina for every participant. Tribe is essential to us on our journey and we want to extend that support to you too. 

This course is open to All - Please note spaces are limited to 6 places only*
​​​Book to secure your place

£444 - Full price

'My experience was truly unexpected. My house is completely different with a calmer and peaceful feel to it, with all the negative energies removed and the exciting discovery of a tree of life portal was the icing on the cake. Gina was lovely and made sure that I stayed on track too, so thank you all.'

'Wow, what an amazing journey the House Clearing course is.

I expected it to be just about clearing old stagnant energies, but it was so much more than waving a bit of sage around (there is that too!).

It was an intense journey of exploring the power of ceremony, Gaia, guides, plants, medicines, crystals, spirit and myself. It has opened me up to abilities and connections that I wasn't aware of and I can say it has been a catalyst for my own journey and path.

I had a recent visitor comment that the house feels loved. I know that is because of the magic of this course and guidance from the team at Starlight Temple' 

'This course was so much more than I imagined. This course has profoundly changed my relationship with my home and how I use the spaces in it to support my personal and spiritual process.'


'The house clearing with Gina was a beautiful and powerful process. 

Gina herself gave so much heart and focus in great detail to my needs but also her instinctual insights about the house and my connection to it. The whole process was not only beautiful and powerful, but Gina has a way of captivating you into her field of alchemy. It was exciting. It was fun. It was transformational. My house now feels like a home. But it also feels like a home woven by my own DNA and the energies I want for the future within it. 

Much love and gratitude to Gina. Thank you.'

Please note whilst all tools will be activated you will need to buy the tools and herbs/flowers for the clearings and blessings. Everything you will need is easily affordable and obtainable, such as salt, incense etc.

*Please note that the courses are non-refundable and to the limited spaces available

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