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Journeying since 2013
Avebury Winter Solstice

Avebury Winter Solstice

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Starlight Soul Journeys are ceremonial adventures where the Light, Earth and Self-work flow as one. 


Every year since 2013 we led mulitmple journeys abroad and in the UK.


Full of adventure, journeys are deeply transformational experiences overflowing with Channeling, Ceremony, Shadow Work (personal and collective,) Plant medicine, Sacred sites, Magic, Tribe Moments and Temple Alchemy Healing.


All Journeys are completely bespoke, each one is a soul contract called to action by the universe, making every journey a unique, divinely guided and life changing experience


Kahreela seeks out scared sites and inter-dimensional portals which become the location for the Ceremonies, which use many channeled and medicine tools to heal ourselves, the land and serve the ascension of the Collective Conscious. 

Erica space holds with Kahreela bringing Shamanic Magic and Live Channeled Medicine Songs to the Ceremonies. Which are held in some of the most beautiful and powerful locations on Earth. 


Journey are also fun, we stay together in beautiful villas, share beautiful food and enjoy dancing, drinks, laughter, stories and tribe-vibes in the evenings, journeys create tribe and friends for life. 


Journeys are immersive, fun, tribal, deeply transformational experiences, centred in Gaia and directed by the stars!



We cannot wait to journey again! 

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