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I suppose you could call Starlight Temples biggest branch - Starlight Soul Journeys.  They're definitely the most transformational and deepest things that we offer.  We run several journeys through out a year both in the UK and in other countries.
We used to call our journeys 'retreats' which felt a little misleading.  They are retreats in the sense that you come away from life and you focus 100% on yourself, but in the modern sense of a going on retreat for a bit of r&r - it's a bit off.
We like a little adventure, we like to go 'on-location' to do our ceremonies, we like to be outdoors as much as the weather permits (and sometimes even when it doesn't if the group are willing).  We like to immerse ourselves in the landscape, immerse ourselves in Gaia.  We make sure we go to the most sacred special sites we can find - away from all the crowds and tourists. 
We spend time doing ceremony to the rising sun or cacao under the stars.  It all adds to a magical co-creational journey with Gaia who truly works alongside you when doing such amazing light-work and inner work. 
These journeys need to be experienced.
Erica's Starlight Story

“The Avebury goddess journey was a totally transformative few days. Katy and Kath nurture and support, giving individual attention whilst making sure the needs of the group are met. Katy's channeling is unlike anything I've experienced, 100% authentic and always spot on. This is less of a retreat and more of a soul journey which will challenge you and always give you what you need. Sometimes that is hard, but you are supported every step of the way in the magic of Starlight.

Mel - Avebury 2016

Upcoming Journeys
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The Space Holders
Kahreela, Kasha & Erica hold these powerful transformational journeys together. They're a force to be reckoned with! Kahreela leads the ceremonies and Kasha & Erica assist and hold space alongside her.
Meet Kahreela
If you're working with Starlight you probably recognise her!
"Every journey and ceremony is a collaboration and co-creation on so many epic and beautiful levels. Myself and my guides lead all ceremonies, circles and courses we do but we do not encourage hierarchy-There is no Guru, no way-shower, everyone is equal and everyone shows up will the full spectrum of their truth, expression, light, and shadow. Everyone is a space holder, a healer and being healed. Within the circle of the tribe, everyone’s roles come from their essence, their innate gifts and my role is that of a Priestess of Ceremonies, which is smilier to being an energetic conductor - communicating and guiding the tempo and vision of the journeys."
Meet Kasha
Again - if you're working with Starlight you probably recognise them!
"I began with a more organizational and logistical role which organically moved into a space holder role the more self-work and spiritual work I did, I felt the spiritual and personal growth almost immediately and realised my role with starlight was much bigger than I initially thought.
 I now work predominately with the ‘Priesti’ energy or energy of the twin gender and this has really unlocked so many life-changing things for me both energetically and in my day to day existence."
Meet Erica

Space holding for me it means to fully show up in who I am, in my integrity and honesty, with my light and my shadows, in my strength and vulnerability. Only with openness, we can create magic together.  We don't do guru bullshit, as we believe that we are all humans and we reflect each other ultimately, and that's the best way of healing and growth.  That's the power of Starlight, we all show up fully as space holders which means we all experience and go through the deepest belly laughter to ugly truths and very raw emotions.  Its very transformationally to be in a place where every part of yourself its so welcomed, recognised and accepted!