the starlight Temple

 The four pillars of Starlight Temple are Channeling and Connection, Ceremony and the Temples Ways, Shadow work and Temple Alchemy, Ceremony and Earth work, Journeys and Portals.


All of my offerings and energetic work happen through The Starlight Temple, be it online, in person or on the land. The Starlight Temple is the name of my path, which I have always sensed is an energetic Dragon – an alchemical Dragon, made of ancient wisdom and the magic of many guides, goddesses, spirits and star ones.


The Starlight Dragon carries magic into the Temple and into the world, creating change, direction, flow and Alchemical change wherever it is called to fly. 

This Dragon is ancient memory that is invites you to walk and live the old ways. This Dragon is a fierce guardian of Gaia and those who serve her by healing themselves and their shadows. This Dragon is magnetic and will call you to ride through the dimensions until you understand yourself more deeply.


The Starlight Temple is all about connection; connection to self, life, the universe and spirit. Our path is about learning to connect, channel and live the divine conversation.


Starlight’s workshops, courses, one to ones, ceremonies and journeys are all dedicated to helping people find empowerment in their lives and as they walk their spiritual paths. 


We believe that spirituality is something you experience, that every person's truth is unique and that everyone's truth makes up the whole truth of the Universe. The events that we do are about holding space for people to have an experience of their truth, ultimately our work is about love - ways and tools of learning to Love the Earth, Life, Each other and our own self more. Starlight Temple is a space overflowing with ways of doing spirituality that can be incorporated into your everyday life, so that your path, your truth and love can be lived more fully! 



My path of Healing, Shadow work, Alchemy and Channeling began in my late teens, I was looking for ways to help myself because I was so depressed. In my early 20s, after getting into meditation and self-work I saw energy for the first time I became an Energy Healer. I have worked as a Healer for over 10 years and in 2011 I started Channeling, I also explored many different techniques including Shadow work and Alchemy. These practices supported my empowerment, ability to manifest and my journey of becoming happy. In 2012 I began to space hold for groups, my intention as a space holder was and still is to empower those I hold space for, to hold them and see them without judging them, so that they can love, heal and raise themselves out the wounds of the past. From that intention my path evolved into something that was deeply transformational as I began to implement Shadow work and Alchemy Healing into my work. My evolving practice as a Channel allowed me the confidence to start coaching Channeling in order to help each of the people I work with to develop their unique connection because connection and Channeling have made my life so full, happy and magical. Magic the word that fills my heart with joy, I love the magic of synchronicity, alignment, the magic of tribe and deep self-communion that create such profound change in people’s lives. I love my path, I love the people I hold space for and I love the guides, experiencing Alchemy, the release in Shadow Work and the and healing energies I channel. 



Hello wonderful people, my name is Erica and I'm currently part of the Starlight Team as a Space holder. 

Space holding for me it means to fully show up in who I am, in my integrity and honesty, with my light and my shadows, in my strength and vulnerability. Only with openness, we can create magic together.  We don't do guru bullshit, as we believe that we are all humans and we reflect each other ultimately, and that's the best way of healing and growth.  That's the power of Starlight, we all show up fully as space holders which means we all experience and go through the deepest belly laughter to ugly truths and very raw emotions.  Its very transformationally to be in a place where every part of yourself its so welcomed, recognised and accepted!

This is my commitment as a space holder, to create an open and safe space where every part of the human experience its seen and welcomed, with love.

I have a magical background also. I'm shamanic trained - I have interesting tools in my tools box & years as an energy healer and channeler.  One of my main medicines I have been blessed with is sacred singing and Icaros which I often use during the Starlight journeys and ceremonies. Through singing, I often channel healing songs given to me directly from spirit, star beings, ancestors, plants, and other beings.  I deeply love what I do and what I can share, as it brought so much transformation. It literally saved my life ❤ and that's where all my dedication comes from.



Not long after returning from the Amazon the synchronicities of the universe lead me to meet Kahreela sparking a journey with Channeling, Ceremony, healing & so much more! In many ways it felt like a home coming & Channeling is now so central to everything that I do, whether that is in ceremony, healing, 121’s, movement or just navigating the great mystery of life! Channeling for me is opening your self up to receive in so many magical ways from the deep consciousness of the earth to the multi dimensional wonders of the universe, it is a tool of heart centred transformation on both an inner & outer level.  There are so many ways to channel & I learn more by the day. Channeling has opened me up to deep shadow healing. I have found an affinity with divine feminine womb connection & channeling, working with portals, even becoming a portal! I now work with many different energies & guides, written channeling, dream channeling & direct voice.

After exploring various forms of spirituality, meditation & yoga, I came across Tai Chi in which I found a wonderful affinity, the practice soon becoming a big part of my life because of the tangible inner alchemy, grounding, liveliness, connection & magical wonder it was enriching my life with.  I also trained with Rebekah Shaman as a 'cacaoista' after journeying to the Amazon in Peru to sit in healing traditional amazon Ayahuasca ceremonies taking me further into the depths of healing that plant medicines hold.



Since I remember I have always had a love of all things unseen all the way to all things esoteric. As a kid, my head was always in a book, namely Harry Potter - which I can’t help but blame for my quick descent into the tarot, potions, and magic.

I started going to Starlight Temple events a few years ago, the community is rich and hugely rewarding so working to expand it felt like the next step in my path. I am also a tarot reader, a witch in training and an actor. I do lots of the techy visual stuff and I'm always here if you have any questions about where the plants are sourced from, or about them.

A word on the plants: I feel it’s hard to talk about plant magic without talking about our relationship to the earth at the moment. One of the things that guided me to my love affair with herbs and plants was my despair at the climate crisis. Each plant I meet is another doorway to me, into changing the way I relate to myself and to the earth. They're the best!



"I channel higher energies and sound frequencies in service to the universe as a bridge between darkness and luminosity." 


I am an open and intuitive card reader and through the Starlight Temple learning process, I provide an energetic house clearing service. 


I am a Reiki Master, eighth in lineage from Mikao Usui thanks to the wonderful mentorship I received from my Reiki Master, counselor, psychologist, and hypnotherapist Lilian Donleavy. It was then in my 20s that I started reading Jane Robert's 'Seth Speaks' materials and became fascinated by channeling. Channeling has now grown into daily practice.  


I am a poet.  I sing and co-run a choir. I also work with special needs children and am a mother of two beautiful boys.


I love facilitating learning and transformative growth of any kind and am proud to continue to grow and learn as I hold space on Starlight Temple online courses.


Channeling - Ceremony - Healing - Alchemy- Journeys - Shadow work