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New Beginnings

January 4th - 19th 2024

Full Investment £3,888

£888 Deposit 

Join Kahreela for a trip of a lifetime through the sacred sites and magical lands of ancient Egypt.

In sacred service to mother Gaia, we will be guided through activations and upgrades 

that will help us to initiate a profound new beginning. 


This trip is a land and life force journey of ceremonially connecting  to self, soul and the magic of Egypt, as we initiate with golden thread that brings the dawn! Together we will remember ancient heart magic, be in the deliverance of creational rights, receiving channeled guidance, light-codes and upgrades to clear, and crystalline timelines. 

Land and life-force journeys are soul contacts, they call to you from the place beyond words.
You will know if Egypt is singing to your soul. 


Here is what the Rainbow Grandmothers say about this journey: 


“This is a journey with the golden thread, creating passage from source to self, by illuminating  past life wisdoms , purifying your life-force energy, and receiving temple rites. 

A breathtaking invitation into a grand new beginning. 

The adventure is a full-bodied activation of your higher self and your most joyful timeline choices

A direction of rebirth, a breaking free, a following of the golden thread into the dawn of your heart. 

This land is the land of the alchemy of golden lore, golden thread and golden light. 

The golden powers will weave  higher self belief into your body,

while you tune into grids, temples and timelines to receive guidance. 

The deep listening becomes a rebirthing, as belief in yourself emerges through activating the golden thread of source-self alignment. You will emerge from the  swirls  of synchronicity magnetism and revelation more anchored into  5D consistency. For those whose healing journeys have reached the deepest roots and the highest peaks - this is is where the shadows burst into light, the spinal fluid activates towards the soul and the whispers of the ancient guardians reveal secrets. 

This journey is a sunrise of the heart. ….A golden illumination. ….. Your new beginning.” 



We will be winding on and off the beaten track, seeing all of the famous sites and going  to some of the more unusual, remote and powerful places on the land. 


Our journey begins with a Permission ceremony at the Pyramids. 

From there, we will travel to the Whale Desert, a former ocean bed and graveyard of ancient whale bones. We will be receiving the Lemurian seed-code and Mu wisdoms from this place. This is one of the energetic origins of all time.


We will then take an overnight sleeper train to Luxor. From there, we will embark on a 5-day Nile cruise. Visiting the many temples and sights with a private Egyptologist guide who will make sure we have opportunities to meditate, chant and listen. 


The wealth of wonders on the Nile will whisper to us and teach us what we need to know in preparation for a private access rebirthing ceremony in the Temple of Isis! 


We will then stay at the totally delightful Keto Wellness Center, having time to integrate and assimilate our journey so far. 


After resting and pampering we fly back to Cairo, for an adventure with Egypt’s natural mysteries. Visiting the black and white deserts, crystal mountain and camping under the canopy of stars. These temples of lost time will teach us about alchemy and golden hearts and reveal secrets to help us know our way. 


After returning to Cairo we will fly to the Red Sea for rest, feasting and coral-reefing. 

After recharging, we will do the night pilgrimage up Mount Sinai to see the sunrise over the desert. This is one of the most awe-inspiring experiences. The sunlight bounces off the desert in a natural light show of sky kiss earth. As someone once said to me “The sunrise at Mount Sinai made me believe in God, because something that beautiful had to be created, it couldn’t have been an accident”. 

We will not just be there for the view, our service work will complete heart-to-heart with sacred mountain, where we will be conduits for New Beginnings, New Beliefs and New Earth Vibrations. 


We will then have time to relax by the Red Sea with supported integration time and lots of Swimming and Sunning!



This journey is one that reaches across time. The voltages of light and the activations are epic, so I have been guided to make sure there is space and time to integrate during and at the end. 

Every day, everywhere we go, there will be channeling, meditation and guidance. The journey will unfold within the medicines of wonder, tribe sacred holding and celebration. 


The price includes all accommodation, all internal transport,  airport picks ups, tour guides,  food ( it varies between breakfast and all three meals depending on where we are staying and what we are doing), private access tips and all of the ceremonies. 


What is not included is international flights to and from Egypt, personal tips that are not for access (tipping in Egypt is generally expected everywhere), food at times when lunch/dinner is freeform, optional extra excursions  you may want to do, personal travel insurance. 

Please contact me before booking your flights so I can advise you with times and airports. 


If you are called then I cannot wait to share this other-worldly magical adventure with you!


So much Self Belief and Golden Love to you all

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