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A Call to lightworkers for Held in prayer!

Holding each other in prayer is how we come into Oneness… it creates an amazingly soft protective and beautiful energy around those who share the ceremony and brings us into new states of possibility

After a Held in Prayer Ceremony happened on the Samhain Full moon the people who experienced being held and holding others felt so supported and healed they asked for it to continue, and so we are looking to hold a much longer Held in Prayer ceremony in the run up to the Solstice.

So this is our longer Ceremony to run up to and over the Solstice Ascension period.

Ceremony opens at 22.30pm on 10th November 2020 and closes at 23.23pm on 23rd November 2020

This is being held BY DONATION - pay whatever feels right in your heart once prayer has closed on 23rd December

To join simply join the Temple Space group (if you don't we will invite you to join as within this group all the zoom links will be posted and the Tribe will be sharing their experiences throughout the Held in Prayer ceremony time):

Here is me talking more about the call for this piece of lightwork and a Channeling from my guides!

Love Kahreela x


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