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Good Morning in Lockdown Wisdom

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

A Channeled message from Goddess Vesta

"Wake up slowly

for your body is recovering from mornings where forced yourself up.

Be spacious

for you are expanding after years of cramping, crowding and jamming your way to work.

Spread your morning practise across the day

for you well being is meant to be a way of life.

Set intention

because this will make your day conscious.

Step outside and check the weather

(before you check your emails)

for this is how to begin the divine conversation with nature

…..she is waiting for you….

Wear what you want to wear

for the uniform - identities of your past are fading.

Notice what you miss and what you don’t

from the old world

for there will come a time where you

will know the power of choosing.

Clear out your clutter

this will please the grandmothers

who are close to you

waiting to whisper the wisdom of the old ways through you.

Do one thing from your

“always wanted to do - but never had time to list”

for this is the list of the unfulfilled self.

Sit down while you eat

for it is how you give reverence

to all the time, energy and life force

offered as food to your aliveness.

Speak to the ones you love

for now, you have the time to listen

because they are the reason for all of your ‘doing’

and they will be the ones that love you into ‘being.’

Forgive the past

for it is now dissolving humanKIND.

Learn to do things through the pleasure of your senses

because this is how Purpose becomes Passion

- a life of passion is your destiny.

Speak your truth

for now, you have the space to hear it.

Truth is the temple inside which your ascension will happen.

Open your heart for it is the hearth of your home,

alight with the wildfires of your path’s inspiration

Be still

for stillness is the entrance place to love

this is your time of returning to love.

Give thanks for that is how you welcome

You are Blessed"

Kahreela x


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