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Sacred Joy


A Land and Life Force Journey through Portugal

April 29th - May 10th 2023

Join Kahreela Anhara for an uplifting, elevating, illuminating adventure through the sacred sites and incredible secrets of beautiful Portugal.

Every day is an opportunity to ignite destiny codes and embody more of your higher self choices, in collaborative ceremonies and joyful service to mother Earth.


This is a journey for those that are ready to create a life that makes them feel more alive. 

For those that are longing to live in symbiosis with Gaia.

For those who feel the call to ignite more of who they are now.


The guides will be teaching tantric-Amrita practices to help you become more alive, aligned, and restore your belief in the power of love, which is how we activate miracle-change within our lives, become better at manifesting and live in the beautiful grace of Soft and Sacred Joy.


Our pilgrimage begins in the Algarve; together we will travel north ( journeying with our inner north too)  through ascension caves, epic beaches, ancient Megalithic sacred sites,  magical forests, and beautiful waters, to our final destination of Seia and STAR MOUNTAIN.


Every day there will be channeled ceremony, healings, upgrades, and manifestation practises. This multi-dimensional adventure is one of repairing, rewiring, restoring and recalling the magnetism of your life-force energy.


There will also be plenty of time to nourish your life-force energy with rest, nature, laughter, wild swimming and beautiful views.


I have been guided to keep the journey spacious so there is time for be-ing and flowing.

There will be plenty of wonderful surprises on this trip.

Portugal is full of unexpected and phenomenal magical, sacred sites and nature places. Some of the best I have explored anywhere on earth!

Here are some of the highlights: 

*Opening Ceremony at Casa Solara

*Portal of Joy

The Portal of Joy is a sacred site that can only be described as Mecca for Fairies - in spiralling magic we will call overflow into our lives.

*Beach Ascension Coves

Deep in the belly of the land we will rewire and reconnect our energy bodies.

*Fire of the Trees: breathing ceremony for Beltane 

*Sounding our souls in Megalithic sacred sites of Evora 

Sunrise and destiny activation in one of the finest stone circles in Europe.

*Forest bathing in magical forests of the sacred Hill of the Moon

The forests of Sintra are like a vitamin boost for your inner magic!

*Atlantis - Lemurian  Divine Code Activation

 Part of what makes Portugal so special is that the land holds a code threshold for the timelines of Lemuria and Atlantis. By crossing this threshold we will be receiving ancient love rites, so that we remember who we truly are.


*Surrendering to true power: Sunset Ceremony at the Western Point of Europe

*Activation of the miracle heart from a divine and ancient Madonna

*Wild swimming opportunities in Sea, in river and in mountain pools

*Morning wake-up life force dances and meditations


*Crystalline embodiment in a Quartz cave

*Star Mountain light lineage activations


*Secret key to the sacred heart

Our journey ends at a truly phenomenal secret place that is a physical temple to the sacred heart. Here we will ceremonially initiate soft joy! Joy is the feeling of receiving to the point of overflowing. Soft joy is when you overflow with love. 

*SPA integration

This is such a powerful journey that the final day and night will be at a beautiful mountain spa so you can rest, swim, sauna and integrate together.

Those called will be drinking the landscape itself, the sunsets, the sea, the herbs upon the air into their meridians and energetic systems in order to reconnect your life-force energy with the great life-force flows of the earth. So that we can align with the FLOW OF LOVE LIVING and BECOME OUR JOY.

This is what spirit says:

“This is a journey that has waited in time

for your readiness, willingness

and arrival.

It is a pilgrimage to the sacred heart of your Self and path.

In resonance

and joyful service,

you will activate  ancient earth codes

and learn step by step to become more receptive...

experiencing the poetry of your senses

where you will feel the stars in the sky becoming the silk of your creative energy.

It is a journey of becoming intimate with the beauty that is happening now,

so your life force can be liberated from the contractions of the past.

So that, that which has been pressure can become pleasure.

It is journey into to the dazzling innocence

of self-love.

A Divine Reunion”

Payment options:

Full investment




Pay in three instalments - for people that book before 1st March





The exchange for this journey is £2,222 which includes hotels, breakfast, transport and all ceremonies.

Airport pick-up and drop-off are included if you get to the airport at the suggested times. Please note that the pick-up is at Faro and the drop-off is at Porto Airport.

Get in touch with us for more information.

Our first location, Casa Solara (Solara and jags-cat’s beautiful retreat centre), is available for bookings 1 or 2 nights before the journey begins.

If you would like to come early and unwind please get in touch about extra nights. 

Our final location is quite far from any airport so please note that if you stay longer you will need to arrange transport.

Flights, meals other than breakfast and insurance are not included. 



So much love to you all,


Kahreela and the Starlight Temple Tribe

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