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the starlight sanctuary

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Starlight Temple is excited to announce The Starlight Sanctuary, a Temple Space that is always open. 

The Starlight Sanctuary is for Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Earth Guardians, and all who are walking their path of service - or wanting to - at this time of the Great Change and Ascension. 


Our Sanctuary is for those who want to always be held in magical ceremonial love togetherness and receive support for their paths and wellbeing.


This is an ongoing journey for everyone, whether you are already walking your path, want to walk your path but need help getting started, want to find out what your path is, or simply want to be energetically held and receive ascension support and guidance during these times of great change.


It is ALL about Path - ultimately your life is your path - the offerings in the sanctuary are about helping you to live a life you love and of course love yourself more joyfully. 


Landwork/Service Work

Once a month there will be the opportunity to come together in service by connecting in Ceremony to Mother Earth, when we open our hearts to the Earth our path gifts are awakened. These Ceremonies can be done wherever you are in the world and no experience of land or service work is needed (it is a wonderful opportunity to learn). It is about taking your spirituality outside which is where the magic truly happens.


Our Sanctuary offers:

Ongoing help and support for your path


Regular access to Starlight Temple Ascension practices


Regular support from Starlight Temple


Guidance from spirit


Regular connection with tribe within a loving community


Support on manifesting your desired life


Regular land work

There will be dedicated time for Manifestation, Service Work, and Guidance. And It has been guided that  Starlight Sanctuary offerings will belong to the mystery. There will be no fixed subjects. All offerings will be in response to what is happening in the collective and by astrological cosmic alignments. This way there is more space to meet the needs and requests of the people that attend.

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Ancient Architecture

Each month there will be the following offerings:

*A Meditation, a Ritual, or a Daily Practise for the month to assist your ascension process.

*In Circle with Spirit - An evening with the Guides, a chance for Q&A, spirit teachings and guidance.

*Landwork/Service Work - Once a month there will be the opportunity to come together in service to activate your path magic and gifts by Connecting in Ceremony to Mother Earth.

*Manifesting Mondays - Every Monday, Kahreela or the Space Holders will be holding a space for manifesting because the guides have said we are collectively not spending enough time manifesting. These sessions will combine Creation meditation, Amrita guidance, and tuning into your path action for the week. 

*Community Time - This “tea with tribe” session is simply a time to connect and relax with the Tribe.

*Space Holder Offerings - These mini sessions will be varied offerings involving either Movement, Healing, Meditation, or Wellbeing and will be held by the Starlight Temple Space Holders. 



At the start of each month, the programme for the month in the Sanctuary will be announced. However, extra workshops, gifts, and blessings may be added later in the month. All live offerings will be recorded and replays will be made available so that you can catch up or view again in your own time. 


The Sanctuary Membership also includes Blessings, Tribe Connections and news of future events.

The Sanctuary september Timetable:


September 6th 

6pm Movement with Carmen


September 10th

10pm Nidra with Jo 


September 12th

7pm Hivemind with Sarah


September 20th

5pm Q and A with Spirit with Kahreela

September 27th

7.30pm Silent Counseling with Eddi

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Sanctuary Blessings


Sanctuary Members will be entitled to the following:


*10% off all Starlight Courses. This will apply to regular courses and not one-off events or journeys.


*Ascension Support Workshops. These workshops will happen in flow and in response to guidance, cosmic alignments and our collective reality.


*Replays for Live-Only transmissions. This will be exclusive access to replays of Starlight Temple live events that are normally only free to those who listen live and for which replays are charged. Please note that sometimes spirit advises not to record for some shadow work events. Therefore, we are sorry but no replays will be available for those. 


*Previews of the “What’s the Solution?” interviews. 


*Guest teachers - to shake things up there will be guest teachers, speakers and channellers holding sessions over the course of the year. 


Tribe Connections


The Starlight Sanctuary is keen to support all of its Members to thrive, so the following is available too:


*A noticeboard for Members to tell the Tribe about their events and services. 


*A place to reach out for help support and guidance from each other.


*OPEN MIC SOUL SESSIONS - Throughout the year, these sessions are a chance for Members to share their healing gifts and talents with each other.


Coming soon...


Access to the Temple Resources Library filled with previous Teachings, Transmissions, Channeling, Soul Land-Scaping Journeys and Temple Ceremonies.

Membership to the Starlight Sanctuary is £22.20 per month. 


We hope you can join us for this ongoing adventure of living more path, more ascension, and more of you


So much LOVE LOVE LOVE to you all,

Kahreela and the Space Holders 

Image by Jeremy Bishop
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