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"It's like a wonderful colonic irrigation of the soul"


“The Becoming Overflow Journey is extremely intense, it takes you in to the deepest darkness of your shadow, holding you so you can transform it in to the highest Bliss. I feel I have come so much more alive - embodying the Truest Essence of me flowing as Crystalline waves through my System. I let go of so much heaviness & I honestly feel better & more beautiful now. My most important insight was: It’s not the others who can’t see your worth, you are the one who can get better at seeing your own worth. I keep growing more & more into my Crown with Starlight, there is no other Journey like this with such a transformative melting of earth & sky. Thank you” 

Zaphira - 2019

“I am so grateful to starlight meditations team ! After I did channeling spirits and guides course  my heart feels deeply connected to myself ! I have confidence to listen to my intuition and speaking my heart . There are no judgments at all. I was in that bliss stage throughout the whole course . (oh boy, that felt good). What happened for me during the course was extraordinary…… Kahreela is a great wise soul , she has been a great teacher and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting her , learning from her , helping me truly realise how amazing channellers we already are . I absolutely recommend her courses and her sessions. Thank you so much for everything Kahreela . I am so very grateful to you , Kasha, other channellers and the Universe for bringing us all together” 

anon - 2018

The moment the Ibiza Atlantis Rising Journey was posted I knew it had my name on it and this journey would be different.  From the variety of stunning and unique locations chosen for their magnetic energy by Starlight to hold ceremony, to the delicious filling breakfasts and excellent logistical coordination to - most importantly - the calibre and type of healing work we did, boy did this trip not disappoint! It involved deep transformational personal, group and collective consciousness work.
I’m not going to lie, there were some challenging moments, but this was shadow work. They allowed me the ‘opportunity’ to address deep dormant undercurrents in order to let them go, yet throughout the whole trip, I felt incredibly supported by Starlight. Now back in London I feel shifted - with mental and emotional space, a happy confidence and balance from my core. If you are called to booking a Starlight Journey, do it!! You won’t look back...

Elsita - 2018

'The magic created in every moment was truly next level, held in the most loving, open, raw, fun-filled way. The depths that we went to equally made possible by the amazing sense of tribe that was beyond anything I have experienced.
My perception has been expanded, my sense of connection deepened, my fire reignited!! The impact of the multilayered breakthroughs I experienced have been so powerful & are still blossoming in every moment since. These journeys are life changing like nothing else!!! My heart is bursting with gratitude.'

Carmen - 2018

'Holy Alchemy! My Alchemy session with Katy was one of the most powerful healing sessions I have ever experienced. She guided me deep into my subconscious core wounds- into the shadow of the aspect of myself still lost in trauma and suffering. The result was a massive inner shift as my heart expanded, my womb became more sovereign, and my root felt a deeper connection to gaia. I released so much density blocking me from truly being in my body, from truly feeling safe and at home with mother gaia, and she helped open me up to aligning to stepping more into my power. To share space with Katy and have her witness the darker parts of my journey without judgment and with complete unconditional love, was another piece to this alchemical healing in itself. It is a bit hard to put into words what I experienced, but what I can say from my heart is that Katy is an incredibly gifted channel and healer and I am in such gratitude to have come across her beautiful light on my path. If you feel guided to work with her I would absolutely not hesitate! So much love and appreciation for her service:)'

Sierra - 2018

'“The journey was a totally transformative, Kahreela and Kasha nurture and support, giving individual attention whilst making sure the needs of the group are met. Kahreela's channeling is unlike anything I've experienced, 100% authentic and always spot on. This is less of a retreat and more of a soul journey which will challenge you and always give you what you need. Sometimes that is hard, but you are supported every step of the way in the magic of Starlight.

If you are looking to reclaim your power as a woman and tap into your divine goddess this is the trip for you. Avebury is magical and soulful, and I felt like I travelled so deep into my soul, was reborn and cleared so much that needed to be cleared.”

Mel - 2016

“This course went deep- so much healing and release. This was more intense and powerful than any other meditation retreats I have attended and I felt for the first time I truly engaged with my shadow aspects. Kahreela, Carmen and the tribe created a safe space for the witnessing which was so essential for this healing. I had initially been attracted to do this course in January but felt it may be too much. When the opportunity came again in February, I felt I had been given a second chance. And now there is an opportunity for others to do this. I would highly recommend this course- take the chance- it is worth it. “

Puja - Feb 2019

“What always astounds me about starlight journeys is the impact that it has on my reality. During the courses I do the work, the meditations, the healings, I feel pain, I cry a lot, I feel anxious, depressed, despairing but then THE most amazing life gifts shower down on me afterwards. So beautiful and connected to all I have been working on as well as things that I haven't consciously been working on. Things that previously felt so out of my reach turn up in front of my face in a deeper more beautiful way than I could have even imagined, leaving me speechless, breathless and grateful. Grateful for starlights existence, grateful for my own personal commitment to my life. 

The chakra course, is a short and an all consuming course but it is worth the workload in droves.”

Heather - Jan 2019

“The Becoming Overflow Journey is extremely intense, it takes you in 2 the deepest darkness of your shadow, holding you so you can transform it in 2 the highest Bliss. I feel I have come so much more alive - embodying the Truest Essence of me flowing as Crystalline waves through my System. I let go of so much heaviness & I honestly feel better & more beautiful now. My most important insight was: It’s not the others who can’t see your worth, you are the one who can get better at seeing your own worth. I keep growing more & more into my Crown with Starlight, there is no other Journey like this with such a transformative melting of earth & sky. Thank you”

Zaphira - jan 2019

"All in all I feel like I have been re-energised on a cellular and spiritual level with new stories full of hope and wonder and most of all a renewed feeling of love and connection with the world. It's as if my soul is still receiving packages of light posted precisely my human address, messages sent from my ancestors retelling my story in new light, freed from the blocks that have been holding me back and holding onto me. I've been shown a new way and now it's up to me to stay the course and keep tuning in. Thank you so much!”

James - Jan 2019

“Thank you so much for this powerful and transformative course.  I felt huge energy shifts during the webinars and also know that it will continue to work its magic in the weeks and months to come.” 

Claire - Feb 2019

“I liked all the course - loved it all in fact. I'm really not sure how to pinpoint one favourite bit & I can't think of how to improve it.  It helped me become so brave about some things I'd left unaddressed.  I just absolutely loved all the chakra clearing work, the support, the realisations I had, the personal shifts, the clearing.  People who didn't even know I was on the course noticed a positive difference in my attitude, outlook & actions. I started the course in an energetic & hopeful place, but with very little direction. So I was slightly misfiring regarding my future plans. Overflow seems to have spring cleaned my psyche & body to the point that I am still processing how much it has helped dissolve the remains of many internal issues & pivoted me towards my goals, which are now so much more concrete. I found direction & focus & much sparkling joy!  I thought I wouldn't have the time - I did. I thought I'd need to rush parts - I didn't. Starlight courses are co creative & therefore flow with what the vibe of the tribe is on the course. In retrospect, (& after seeing a documentary on it) the course ran like a type of beautiful ancient Kundalini type chakra meditation which was beautifully, safely, expertly held by the space-holders & tribe.  As I think I announced at the time in the stunning Starlight Sacral Chakra Cacao ceremony - "it's like a wonderful colonic irrigation of the soul".

Sammy  - 2019

 "I had tears rolling down my face, tears of joy, tears of release, of deep gratitude, connectedness, of pure love.
It really brought it home what an epic journey this has been [and still is!] beyond anything I could have imagined. Each aspect has involved such a deep exploration & unfoldment and has felt so deeply intertwined with all aspects of life."​

Carmen -  2017

"There really aren't the words to explain how amazing the Starlight Meditation courses are. If I could, I would share the feelings with you because that's what these courses do - evoke, prod, stir, and delve into deeply held feelings while giving you breakthroughs, and allowing you to smash barriers and old belief systems that hold you back.

Tried many meditations before? All the same? Can't sit still through the long ones? Me too. But these courses and meditations are not like others. There are almost no rules and movement can be very much part of the process. The most incredible part is that Kahreela may take you through the meditations, but you make the breakthroughs and you learn what is relevant to your life and your situations.

I've happily paid for three courses over the past year. Before starting the first course, prolonged illness had made me hermit-like and too scared to move forwards. Now, I'm back to my lioness self, standing proud and  full of joy. Even better, I learned to ask my fears what they were about, and confronting them directly made them dissipate almost instantly. Oh, and along the way I learned how to truly love and respect myself.

I've recommended Starlight to several friends, and I recommend them to whomever is reading this now. Put in the work by doing these courses and meditations. You may cry, and you may feel the hurt of old wounds coming up, but the healing, love, and joy at the end is worth every tear." ​

Edwina - 2017

"It was amazing, fantastic, beautiful and perfect. I cannot imagine either how it could have been better or what I could've done today that would come close to being as good as this"

Simon 2014

"Awesome inspiring such a journey my life will never ever be the same. Such bravery love honesty integrity healing from every one - I love you all I love myself Im truly honoured and blessed to have shared such a transformational journey with you all. Kahreela your joy, you were incredible and inspiring thank you for co creating this magical adventure"

Emma 2014

There are no words to describe the gratitude I feel for the magical time we spent at Glastonbury and Avebury for the Blood Moon.  The beautiful Kahreela guided our group through many magical ceremonies and even a string of superlatives cannot begin to describe them.  There were so many moments of utter bliss and, indeed, transcendence and each time I believed that it cannot get any better... and then it did.  Wonderful synchronicities, 'chance' meetings with other 'light-souls', an ever deepening connection and ever more magic.  I cannot imagine that there can be a greater joy and bliss in life than these experiences, sharing such special moments with such beautiful people.  Kahreela is not only extremely gifted and dedicated, but is also a most generous and kind spirit.  I'm still buzzing from the experience and I WILL definitely be back for more.  If everybody could experience this, what a world we would create together!

Karin Cordwell - Life Coach 2015

Not a holiday but a journey that transformed my life. One of those journeys that made me drop the barriers within myself and in the end made me to gain more then I could expect. One of those journeys that made me cry in gratitude what words couldn’t express heading on the way back home, I opened my heart to the magic, to the island, to the people……

Erica - 2015

The 'healing your consciousness' course has really helped me with issues of self love and empowerment. It was great to go through all the chakras one by one as it for me it highlighted areas i needed to work on that I wouldn't have otherwise realised. The workshops, meditations and angel healings are amazing for healing deep emotions. The facebook group is a really useful way of sharing experiences as well.

Tracy - 2015

I was drawn to booking 1:1 Skype sessions with Kahreela's at a time I felt I need to work out some issues in an accelerated manner and with someone who can guide and hold a pure heart space. Kahreela's energy is so pure, loving and dedicated to her mission that I've experienced powerful energetic shifts almost in each session and in between. Kahreela was also as caring to follow up between sessions and encouraged me to do energy work every day with channeled assignments.. I feel like I've came out of the darkest part of the dark night of the soul during my work with her and received priceless channeled guidance. Can't thank her enough.

P - 2015

"Kahreela totally and utterly supported me throughout the process and taught me how to support and heal myself  which has been invaluable ever since. I think the most profound part of the healing for me was the way in which Kahreela taught me how to CHANGE MY MIND. Literally. So simply, so beautifully, so powerfully. Thank you Kahreela SO much- I absolutely love my life now and I could never have said that before. You are the bomb!"

Anon - 2015

Dear Katy thank you again for facilitating this amazing Goddess weekend. Your hospitality and loving energy is amazing! I feel so rich with experience,love, light, goddesses, not only realised from blockages, but also rich with new friendships. I can't thank you enough for getting me closer to my soul family. Love to you always True Shining Star!

Joanne - 2015