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Recharging with trees

 September 23rd 2023




Join Kahreela from the Starlight Temple and Prisca from Flowrest Therapies for a transformative day of tree wisdom, medicine and magic, this autumn equinox!  Held in the enchanting and sacred setting of Cissbury Ring— where the  beauty of nature embraces you in all directions.

Combining Channeled Ceremony and Forest Bathing, Treecharge invites you to unfold into the ancient wisdom of the land, journeying with the Tree of Life, nature spirits and you own intuition to meet the Goddess….Connecting to mother Earth's goddess energy so that we can listen more deeply, ground more deeply, and serve more deeply. 

In harmony with with nature, we discover ourselves, invigorate our senses and replenish our body. 

In the arms of the goddess we will invite the golden rivers of life force energy to cleanse our hearts. 


Those called with be holding a sacred service ceremony at the tree of life portal, to assist in code-recalibration and anchoring this portal into the NEW EARTH. This will happen through meditation, journeying and co-creation. The whole day is an opportunity to harmonise your system with THE system and journey with the Tree of Life to find our inner source of harmony. 


This one-day life force celebration will include:

Grounding and Rivers of Gold guided meditations

Forest Bathing

Frankinsense Tea

Journey with The Goddess 

Nature journaling and archetype exploration

Tea-plant exploration and ceremony

Light codes, downloads and magnetic Alignment Activations

Channeled Guidance  


Limited spots available, reserve your place now.


So much love to you all,

Kahreela and the Starlight Temple Tribe


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