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Activating the Miracle Body 


A Magical day in Avebury -02/02/22 £88

The Starlight Temple is holding space for a day of Multi-Dimensional Ceremony for the 02/02/2022 New Moon Imbolc Portal!

This Ascension date - EVERYONE is talking about - we have been preparing for this Light Work for a YEAR!!!

Kahreela Anhara will be channeling the Star Councils of the Light, The Rainbow Grandmothers, the Amrita Priestesses, and the Lumeria-Aquaria Lineage during this day of Joyful Service. 

In Circle with these tribes of light, the way-showers, lightworkers, and earth workers gathered in the Temple of Avebury will Activate the Miracle Body of the Heart of the Golden Age of Gaia in Aquaria. 

The Guides say
“This Sacred day is a magical alinement with your Galactic Higher Self and the Temple Lineage aspects of the soul. In divine alignment, you will receive through you for mother Gaia the ascension energies that activate the miracle field. Being in service at this moment your light bodies receive profound evolution and the miracle body of the self is activated in one-ness with the great mother’s activation. “

For this day of light, of celebration, of beginning with bliss. We will be Prayer Heart to Prayer heart with the plants, the animals the ancestors, and the Star brothers and sisters in ONENESS we will breathe light and live in beauty and lucidity of all that is happening. 
Experiencing the reality through the higher self-consciousness and receiving many insights, rights, and activations. 
What you receive for yourself you receive for mother Gaia in this beautiful symbiosis.

This day will be inflow but will include 

Initiation Ceremony 
Template for Aquaria Activation 
Star-coding the Miracle Body 
Rainbow Prayer Offering Ceremony
Rooting into the Golden Age Frankincense Prayer Ceremony 

This is a day of illumination, fluidity, rumi-nation and ascension.
One of receiving cosmic downloads as your heart opens to the crystalline spring. With the light quotient overflowing, you will believe beyond that which you have trusted before and receive guidance on how the heart is the centre of the miracle awakening. 

The Exchange for this Day is £88

For those called it is advised that you also join the Held in Bliss ceremony which will bring you into greater connection with the prayers and the Miracle Body and assist you in being in Heart one-ness with the earth and guides.


If you are called but can't make it in person then please join us for Held in Bliss online prayer ceremony

Here is the link to find out more


So much love and earthing to you all,


Kahreela and the Starlight Temple Tribe