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A Free Webinar on Womb Wisdom for Manifestation

“The womb is the entrance hall of life. It is the beginning of every earth journey. It is in this sacred space that women can hear the secrets of the Universe, whispered by their ancestral mothers. The womb holds the scriptures of our paths and is the warm centre of our creational power.”


Kahreela Anhara is honoured to be holding space for a free webinar to assist those called in harnessing the Sacred Feminine Cycle for Manifestation.


This is a Red Tent Soul-Landscaping pilgrimage to the divine temple of your womb. Through guided meditation, we will journey together to listen to the parts of ourselves that are waiting to be heard. This is a webinar of becoming more intimate with the magic of our inner-creational system.

This is a process of energising and refreshing our cycle with Temple Rights and journeying through the infusion of the Cycle-sessions-spiral to the Womb. Arriving in the space of the womb, infused with the seasons, we will connect to the very beginning as the womb is the space where all of life begins.


In intimate connection to this primal energy of creation, the guides will teach - through inner experience - the equation for love, light, matter, and mystery. This manifesting equation is one of many creational womb magics that are being awakened within the Divine Feminine at this time of Great Change. 


This year, the wheel of time is turning towards the manifestation of the New Earth. It is harnessing the power of the beginning of creation that is inside of us and which is of great service to our life, path, and all.


As a journey of sisterhood, together we will remember, we will honour, and we will illuminate our wombs.


This webinar is about reclaiming the lost wisdom of the Goddess to bless our lives with more of what we want.


And, it is gifted to freely with so much love,

Starlight Temple 

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