Starlight Temple
Operating in Hove, Brighton, London and around the world.
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Starlight Temple



Starlight Temple is run by Kahreela (the Channel/Teacher/right brain) and Kasha (manager, travel co-ordinator and everything else left brained) 

Starlight Temple is fundamentally about self-empowerment working a lot with Shadow so we can be our authentic self and truly understand who we are and deal with anything that blocks us or gets in our way (both on a 3d and 5d level) Shadow work often does assist this healing on a deep core level and is therefore transformed in a thorough and whole process.

We see this as the key to true, core happiness and global ascension. The workshops, ceremonies, retreats and soul journeys that we run are dedicated to helping people find empowerment in their lives and as they walk their spiritual paths. 

Starlight believes that spirituality is something you experience, that every person's truth is unique and that everyone's truth makes up the whole truth of the Universe. The events that we do are about holding space for people to have an experience of their truth, ultimately our work is about love and we try and offer a way of doing spirituality that can be incorporated into your everyday life and not something that needs your life to totally transform in order to accommodate it.