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Our online courses are special because you do not walk these journeys alone.

You will be within a group of participants and quite possibly new friends.


By sharing your experiences of the healing and ceremonial course elements, you will feel part of something shared, part of something bigger than just yourself, part of a Tribe on the path to empowerment!

You will be held every step of the way within our safe online Temple Space, energetically held by Kahreela and the Space Holders. 

Everyone on the course is allocated a Space Holder (this often rotates on longer courses), all of our Space Holders have completed our Channeling Course and are Channels in their own right.  

Your Space Holder will be tuning into your energy and journey throughout the course, therefore they can really get into your energy and shadow conscious - supporting you achieve your intentions and work through blocks in your shadow.

The Space Holders will offer you regular channeled feedback, in which will ask you to explore aspects of your journey in more depth in order to achieve your goals.

They will also work with you on a 3D level, being your ‘go to’ person and your witness throughout your journey.

By sharing our experiences in Tribe, openly and without fear of judgment, we give ourselves permission to dig deeper, look harder and find the courage to ask for more!  

In Starlight courses we carry one another, cry together, celebrate together and become champions of one another’s empowerment.

All Courses Include*:

  • A fully supported sacred sharing Temple space to process your journey and be witnessed

  • Multiple Space Holders providing one to one guidance and support

  • Live Webinars

  • Live vlogs with Kahreela where you can ask questions and receive guidance

  • Emails detailing the course activities & meditations for the day

  • Energetic holding from Kahreela Anhara

  • One to Ones with Kahreela Anhara

  • Incredible overlighting Guides

  • A full integration process 


*Please note all of the above is included apart from in Temple Medicine Journeys 



"I stumbled across Starlight Temple nearly a year ago and at first I was on the fence about joining one of the courses. Deep down I knew that this would require much more of me. Typically I would fall in love with the marketing of a course and put all my hope on that course resolving my issues in life. I would be excited to start and within a few weeks I would come up with various excuses as to why I couldn't put in the 'work'. And eventually I would drop off completely and jump on the next course. At Starlight this simply doesn't exist. The loving, caring but also frank support you get will nudge you along the journey AND the feedback will show you that it is worth to put the effort in. Kahreela and the spaceholders hit the nail on the head when giving you suggestions about what is happening inside of you. And as a result I have never had such an honest, unjudged look on my personal shadows and beliefs and I have been able to accept the whole of me - with the beautiful support of Starlight. I am no longer chasing workshops, webinars or the next best 'solution' to my problems. I am simply falling in love with myself again and it is Starlight who held the mirror up in the first place!"



"To all who are considering a course with starlight, take the journey. It is the best investment you can make for yourself. My experience of the deep healing that starlight offers whilst completely supporting and protecting you is beyond anything I have experienced before. Kahreela and her team of channels work tirelessly to provide a space enabling you delve deep into the unseen truths of habitual and long running subconscious belief systems."


All course material is recorded and can be completed in your own time but it is recommended that you complete the process within the time-frame of the course and whilst you are in the Temple group space, under the Energetic Protection and Holding of the Guides and Temple.


If you are called to any of the courses below please know the deadline to sign up is 48 hours before the course begins. 

We hope you join us for an online journey soon!

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The moment the Ibiza Atlantis Rising Journey was posted I knew it had my name on it and this journey would be different.  From the variety of stunning and unique locations chosen for their magnetic energy by Starlight to hold ceremony, to the delicious filling breakfasts and excellent logistical coordination to - most importantly - the calibre and type of healing work we did, boy did this trip not disappoint! It involved deep transformational personal, group and collective consciousness work.
I’m not going to lie, there were some challenging moments, but this was shadow work. They allowed me the ‘opportunity’ to address deep dormant undercurrents in order to let them go, yet throughout the whole trip, I felt incredibly supported by Starlight. Now back in London I feel shifted - with mental and emotional space, a happy confidence and balance from my core. If you are called to booking a Starlight Journey, do it!! You won’t look back...

Elsita - 2018

Channeling - Ceremony - Tribe - Alchemy- Journeys - Shadow work