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Operating in Hove, Brighton, London and around the world.
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Starlight is well known now for its transformational online courses. They're not your run of the mill online course. They vary from eclipse window alchemy courses to many month long deep dives into self healing and self learning. From Divine feminine re awakening to a total chakra reboot - there will be something for you.
All of the online courses include:
  • A fully moderated sacred sharing temple space to process your journey
  • Multiple moderaters
  • Live Webinars
  • Live vlogs with Kahreela where you can ask questions and receive guidance
  • Emails detailing the course activities & meditations for the day
  • Unique and personal guidance from Kahreela's guides and the moderator's guides.
  • Energetic holding from Kahreela Anhara
  • Incredible overlighting guides
  • A full integration process after the courses. 
"Tried many meditations before? All the same? Can't sit still through the long ones? Me too. But these courses and meditations are not like others."
Edwina - Rise Of The Divine 2017
Different courses have different workloads, guidance, overlighting energies and vlogs and webinars. So much love and effort goes into these courses to make them truly special and unique and we are so proud of what we've created.
"All in all I feel like I have been reenergized on a cellular and spiritual level with new stories full of hope and wonder and most of all a renewed feeling of love and connection with the world. It's as if my soul is still receiving packages of light posted precisely my human address, messages sent from my ancestors retelling my story in new light, freed from the blocks that have been holding me back and holding onto me. I've been shown a new way and now it's up to me to stay the course and keep tuning in. Thank you so much!” 
Space Holders
We have a small group of trusted moderators who work on our online courses. Check out what they do - they're amazing and we are so grateful to have them in the starlight team.
Meet Kahreela
If you're working with Starlight you probably recognise her!
"Every journey and ceremony is a collaboration and co-creation on so many epic and beautiful levels. Myself and my guides lead all ceremonies, circles and courses we do but we do not encourage hierarchy-There is no Guru, no way-shower, everyone is equal and everyone shows up will the full spectrum of their truth, expression, light, and shadow. Everyone is a space holder, a healer and being healed. Within the circle of the tribe, everyone’s roles come from their essence, their innate gifts and my role is that of a Priestess of Ceremonies, which is smilier to being an energetic conductor - communicating and guiding the tempo and vision of the journeys."
Meet Kasha
Again - if you're working with Starlight you probably recognise them!
"I began with a more organizational and logistical role which organically moved into a space holder role the more self-work and spiritual work I did, I felt the spiritual and personal growth almost immediately and realised my role with starlight was much bigger than I initially thought.
 I now work predominately with the ‘Priesti’ energy or energy of the twin gender and this has really unlocked so many life-changing things for me both energetically and in my day to day existence."
Meet Carmen
Carmen is a regular face at all things Starlight.
"My passion & inspiration for holding space for growth & transformation is born out of my own continuously unfolding journey & exploration of learning to live from a place of inner truth & connection.
There are so many ways to channel & I learn more by the day. Channeling has opened me up to deep shadow healing. I have found an affinity with divine feminine womb connection & channeling, working with portals, even becoming a portal! I now work with many different energies & guides, written channeling, dream channeling & direct voice.
Meet Gina
If you've ever done a Starlight Course you've probably seen her name - Gina Rose Louise.
"I am an open and intuitive reader of energies, a reiki master a tarot reader and a mother of two. I work at a special needs school, offer energetic house clearing through Starlight and co-run a choir. I started out as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. I love facilitating learning of any sort and have been growing and learning with Starlight since 2016.
Final Thoughts
The moderators are brilliant, we're so lucky to have them and to work with them. Working with them, alongside them and seeing their own transformation is truly a pleasure.
"In their hands you are truly held to go wherever you want to go and to explore the deepest and vastest parts of yourself. You don't even have to think about it, Kahreela will take you there and the moderators will simply hold you in their wisdom while you go there."