All Courses Include*:

  • A fully supported sacred sharing Temple space to process your journey

  • Multiple Space Holders providing one to one guidance and support

  • Live Webinars

  • Live vlogs with Kahreela where you can ask questions and receive guidance

  • Emails detailing the course activities & meditations for the day

  • Energetic holding from Kahreela Anhara

  • Incredible overlighting guides

  • A full integration process 

*Please note all of the above is included in By Donation Courses or Temple Medicine Journeys 


The Starlight Temple believes that self-work should be affordable and available to everybody 


We keep our Shadow Healing courses at less than £15 per day

Our Ceremonial healing journeys between £10 -£15 per day


Our Path Skill Development Training to £20 per day. 

All of the group courses include One to One channeled feedback and support from Space-holders and community time and temple sharing space. 


“The Greatest Healing happens In Circle”


All course material is recorded and can be completed in your own time but it is recommended that you complete the process within the time-frame of the course and whilst you are under the Energetic Protection and Holding of the Guides and Temple.


If you are called to any of the courses below please know the deadline to sign up is 48 hours before the course begins. 

If you have any questions about courses or payment plans please email kahreela@starlight-temple.com

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Courses By Kahreela Anhara

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