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Supported in Tribe we embrace connection and together become more empowered to transcend blocks that get in the way of our lives and path.

Channeling - Ceremony - Tribe- Alchemy- Journeys - Shadow work

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  • Free Workshop Offer: Venus Gate of Manifestation
    27 Nov, 23:59 GMT
    Rather than Black Friday Starlight is doing FREE Friday. Sign up before Midnight on Sunday.
  • Womb of Love Workshop
    Sat, 10 Dec
    Potters Bar
    10 Dec, 12:00 – 16:00 GMT
    Potters Bar, Potters Bar, UK
    Kahreela Anhara is delighted to hold space for a sacred women’s circle.
  • Womb Wisdom for Manifestation
    14 Dec, 20:00 GMT
    Kahreela Anhara is honoured to be holding space for a free webinar to assist those called in harnessing the Sacred Feminine Cycle for Manifestation.
  • Light up your Heart: A Peace and Pleasure Solstice Journey in Avebury
    20 Dec, 15:00 GMT – 22 Dec, 17:00 GMT
    Avebury, Avebury, Marlborough SN8 1RE, UK
    The Starlight Temple is honoured to be holding a self and land ceremonial journey in the mystical and magnetic sacred site of Avebury for the Winter Solstice.
  • Manifesting on Your Cycle Q&A
    28 Dec, 19:00 GMT
    A live Q&A session with Spirit on the subject of creating through your Feminine Cycle
  • Manifesting on Your Cycle Course
    Fri, 06 Jan
    Online Course
    06 Jan 2023, 20:30 GMT – 25 Mar 2023, 20:30 GMT
    Online Course
    Kahreela Anhara is honoured to be holding space for this channeled course on how to live the wisdom of creation within your Feminine Cycle and the art of using this force for manifesting the life you want.
  • Earth, Fire and Tribe: A Rewilding Retreat
    02 Jun 2023, 16:00 BST – 04 Jun 2023, 13:00 BST
    Sussex, 33-34 East St, Brighton BN1 1HL, UK
    Kahreela Anhara is grateful to be holding space for a weekend of Rewilding, Reconnecting, and Repairing. This weekend is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Nature and in Ceremony.
  • Venus Gate Sacral Creation  Workshops
    Online Course
    Online Course
    Online Course
    Online Course
    This is a rite of passage journey into more mastery of the creational sacral power of your life-force energy