Starlight Temple

The Starlight Temple was founded in 2012 by Kahreela Anhara and is fundamentally about self-empowerment and inner discovery so we can truly understand who we are.
Through Channeling, Shadow Healing and Ceremony we can all become more empowered to transcend blocks that get in the way of our lives and path.

Channeling - Ceremony - Healing - Alchemy- Journeys - Shadow work

Upcoming Events

By Donation - New Moon Fire and Light Chamber Ceremony
Wed, Aug 19
Online Event
Aug 19, 7:15 PM – 9:30 PM
Online Event
The Starlight Temple is delighted to be holding space for a by donation New Moon Fire and Light Chamber Ceremony.
Remembering Self Love as Medicine - Free Transmission
Sun, Aug 23
Aug 23, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT+1
A transmission to assist in the coming into self-generating the energy of love

Temple Tribe

Starlight’s Journeys, One to Ones, Courses, Journeys, Events and Ceremonies always have Tribe at the center of them, in Starlight we are in community with the Earth, with Spirit, with the Guides and with each other.

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“The Becoming Overflow Journey is extremely intense, it takes you in to the deepest darkness of your shadow, holding you so you can transform it in to the highest Bliss. I feel I have come so much more alive - embodying the Truest Essence of me flowing as Crystalline waves through my System. I let go of so much heaviness & I honestly feel better & more beautiful now. My most important insight was: It’s not the others who can’t see your worth, you are the one who can get better at seeing your own worth. I keep growing more & more into my Crown with Starlight, there is no other Journey like this with such a transformative melting of earth & sky. Thank you” 


Zaphira - 2019