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Sacral Manifesting Workshop


Awakening Your Creatrix Gifts



11th June (8pm-10:30pm) - Gate 2 – Belly Chakra - The Gate of Creativity Individual Workshop



If you feel called to do all 8 then you can book all of them for

£352 (£44 per session)


The second of eight channeled workshop  initiations into the 8 Creatrix - Gifts of the Venus Self.

Each one will assist in the embodiment of the Ancient Temple Ways of manifesting.


On these sacred nights of the 8 VENUS GATES 2021, Kahreela Anhara will be channeling Goddess Venus and the Priests, Priestesses and Priesti of the Lumeria Aquaria Lineage, to bring through lessons in how to harness the manifesting powers of your Sexual Life-Force Energy.

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This is a rite of passage journey into more mastery of the creational sacral power of your own life-force energy. 

Spirit will be gifting those called with intimate, soulful, and mighty processes that allow you to become more co-creational, so you can live more of the life you WANT to live. 


These transmissions will be aligned with the Sacred Luna-Venus Chakric Gates. Each of these workshops can be done as a one-off or as a series. 


Venus rises as the Evening Star on May 03, 2021. She has 8 meetings with the waxing Moon that correlate with our Chakras. These are known as Venus Gates.


12th May - Gate 1 – Root Chakra - The Gate of Manifestation


11th June - Gate 2 – Belly Chakra - The Gate of Creativity 

12th July - Gate 3 – Solar Plexus - The Gate of Personal Power 

11th August - Gate 4 – Heart Chakra - The Gate of Compassion 

9th September - Gate 5 – Throat Chakra - The Gate of Communication 

9th October - Gate 6 – Third Eye Chakra - The Gate of Perception

7th November - Gate 7 – Crown Chakra - The Gate of Authority 

6th December - Gate 8 – The Ascension Gate

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These workshops are about and infused with the Magic of Mystery (the essence of Sexual Creative Energy.) 

If you are meant to be at these workshops you will feel the pull, the calling, the instinctual knowing. 

Each of these transmissions is an opportunity to reclaim one of the Lost Sensual Manifesting Powers. 

Spirit says the theme of each Venus Gate will be announced at the start of the month. 


Each of these workshops will include:



Golden Print Destiny Activations 


Tantric-Creatrix-Awakening Guidance


Channeled Teachings


Experiential Sacral Energy Manifesting Practices 


Goddess Venus’ Self-Love Repair Transmissions


There will be a Community Temple Space and Q&A community time for the month

​​​Book to secure your place

If you are called to do all 8 then you can book all of them for £352 (£44 per session.) 

Each of these workshops can be done as an individual workshop for £55.

Book The Gate of Creation Workshop (June 11th)


'It is time for the new age and golden hopes that you have been dreaming of to melt out of vision and melt into the Creatrix power of your sacral centre - the inner magic that is able to turn love into the matter'

Each of these transmissions is an invitation to go beyond what we understand about Manifestation in order to awaken the forgotten forces of creation within us.

So much Love and Awakening to you all 



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