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“Your Aura is an incredible, beautiful field of light energy that is unique to you… It is your spiritual fingerprint - there is no Aura in the Universe like yours.

Empower Your Aura for Channeling​



Your Aura is more than just an energy field; it's a reflection of your true self and a healthy Aura is essential to living a happy and vibrant life.


In this webinar, I will show you how to experience your own Aura. Knowing your Aura is knowing yourself -  experiencing your own Aura  is a game-changing  step for anyone who wants to have more connection. 


Experience Your Own Aura

Your Aura is the spiritual fingerprint of who you are. The more you are able to experience your Aura the more deeply you are able to understand yourself. 


Keep Your Aura Radiant

:Learn about channeled essential practices for Aura health.  These practices are so simple, but life-changing. They will help you to to cleanse, protect, and brighten your Aura, so you can navigate the world with clarity and positivity.


Open to Channel

Understanding a healthy aura is key to channeling. Your Aura serves as a portal to multi-dimensional connections. With simple practice you can strengthen your Auric-Connection Muscles and become a safer and more fluent channel. 

This webinar is a beautiful  dive into your Aura and why it is so important! Let me share some of the tools that I use to help to keep my Aura bright and healthy. These practices keep me bright and happy and they are the foundation of why I am able to do to many different types of Channeling. 


I am so grateful for these practises, they have reshaped so much of my life.

May you empower your Aura too!

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