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The Four Pillars

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Everything We do is within one of the four pillars


channeling and Connection

Channeling is at the centre of Starlight, everything we do is channeled and about helping people to awaken their own gifts of connection and channeling so they can live the divine conversation of their paths.


Kahreela is a Channel for many different Guides including Goddesses, Star-beings, Elementals, Ancient lineages, Ancestors and Angels.


We can help you discover your spirit guides and support you as you delve in the magic of life, synchronisation and the Divine Conversation of your path. 


Shadow work


Temple alchemy

Shadow work is a form of Inner Activism; changing the world and our lives by changing the beliefs, wounds and karmic stories that create through our DNA, vibrations and Shadow (unseen) Consciousness.


Shadow work is key to the ascension of your reality. Starlight offers safe space in which to meet, heal and transcend the shadows that are blocking your life.


Temple Alchemy is a Channeled process, unique to Starlight that allows the Shadow to be seen, purged, released and recycled into Prana from where it is being carried in the subconscious body and DNA.

channeling and connection
shadow work and alchemy



Temple ways

We believe Ceremony is our Human collective role - just as the bees are here to pollinate the Earth we are here to be in Ceremony with the Great Mother. 

We see the use of Ceremony as our way of reclaiming and returning to the Temple ways, the next Golden Age is the Next Temple Age, where Human-kind live in Ceremonial with life, spirit and themselves.

The Ceremonies we Channel, reclaim and birth at this time  are the way we enter the age of Aquaria. 

We truly believe Ceremony is key to fulfilment, freedom, happiness, shadow healing, manifesting and global ascension.

Be in Tribe and Experience Temple ways

ceremony and temple ways

earth WORK

journeys AND


 Kahreela is a direct lineage channel for Goddess Anahra - the Goddess of Portals. Portals are energetic entrance and exists that provide incredible opportunities for transformation healing, multi-dimensional connection and the flow of death and rebirth medicine - personally and collectively. Portal Magic is life changing on so many levels. Starlight's most intimate and powerful ceremonies happen in portals that exist in nature, the Universe calls for a starlight journey to happen and  create Alchemical change where ever it lands, often in sacred sites, upon sacred land or within multi-dimensional portals in beautiful parts of the world. Starlight journeys are all about falling in Love with the earth, whilst serving and understanding as you heal yourself. The magic of this work cannot be put into words it can only be experienced.

Earth jouneys portals

Channeling - Ceremony - Healing - Alchemy- Journeys - Shadow work

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