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Heal Tiredness Wound

We are excited to share that The Life-force Café is open!

We (Fiona and Kahreela) created “May the Life-force be with You” in the summer of 2023, as we realised that life-force energy is everyone’s most precious resource. Our work and passions help people understand their patterns of tiredness and the behaviours and beliefs that might be holding them back from thriving. Between us, we have a huge range of different perspectives, tools and practices that help you to master your life-force energy. 


The podcast is a series of soulful "café-conversations" where we dive deep into the exploration of life-force energy. Our podcast is not just an interview—it's a genuine and engaging conversation that allows you to delve into the heart of life-force energy and the unique journeys of our remarkable guests. 


These conversations are helping us and other people realise how important it is to look after our life-force energy. The conversations never feel long enough - we want to go deeper, explore life-force tools, share workshops and resources based on where the conversation is taking us. That is why we are excited to offer you the opportunity to become part of this important conversation and invest in your ultimate resource through the “The Life-force Café” 


The Life-force CafÉ Membership Benefits:

Members-Only Monthly Content

As a member, you become an integral part of the community. 

You can engage in discussions, share your insights, and connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate the depth and richness of the topic of life-force energy.

Unlock special members-only content including: exclusive monthly deep-dive sessions with hosts Kahreela & Fiona, access to a library of spiritual & wellbeing content,  extended discussions with our exclusive guests, and community based live sessions that all add an extra layer to the podcast experience.

Three Live Sessions A Month

Deep Dive Workshop - Once a month you will have the opportunity to connect directly with hosts Kahreela & Fiona, or invited guests of the show to go deeper into some of the topics raised in the podcast. 


Hive Mind Live Session - A brainstorming community resource to help you solve challenges and to connect with other members of “The Life-force Café”. 


Let’s Discuss Chat - Join the café conversation, put questions to us, our guests and suggest topics you want us to talk about in the podcast.


All live offerings will be recorded and replays will be made available so that you can catch up or view again in your own time.

The Life-force Library


Look After Your Life-force Monthly Practise - Access to exclusive recorded meditations, daily practises and rituals to help support your lifeforce energy. 

Exclusive Content - From our hosts & guests. 


Discounts, Offers and Giveaways - From our guests and hosts. This includes early bird access and rates to Starlight Temple courses and retreats.


Extra Starlight Temple Live Workshops with Kahreela 

Exclusive discount and early access to guest speaker offers, retreats & workshops

JOIN today

Don't miss out on the enriching café-conversations that "May the Life-force be With You" has to offer. Subscribe now to become a valued member of our community and embark on a journey of exploration, connection, and self-discovery.


This is an ongoing journey for everyone, whether you are already walking your path, want to walk your path but need help getting started, want to find out what your path is, or want to be energetically held and guided through these times of great change. 


At the start of each month, the programme for the month in “The Life-force Café” will be announced. However, extra workshops, gifts, and blessings may be added later in the month.


This month our guest workshop will be led by Prisca Andersen, a bodyworker, Forest Bathing guide and martial arts practitioner. Listen to her episode below:


All times are BST


Kahreela's offerings will be in Flow from all the magical places at the powerful astrological moments. 


April 9th

6.30pm HIVEMIND with Sarah 


April 19th

6pm INNER FORESTS Guest Workshop with Prisca from the Forest Jedi episode 

Tribe Connections


The Life-force Café is keen to support all of its members to thrive, so the following is available too:


*A noticeboard for members to share events and services. 


*A place to reach out for help, support and guidance from each other.


*OPEN MIC SOUL SESSIONS - Throughout the year, these sessions are a chance for members to share their healing gifts and talents with each other.​



Membership to The Life-force Café is £22.20 per month.​ (*Value of the Live Sessions alone are over £500 a month)

The price for membership will rise after the Summer Solstice, however, if you sign-up before this date we guarantee that your membership rate will never be increased.  


This is your exclusive offer to directly connect with Fiona & Kahreela and the exclusive guest speakers of the “May the Life-force be With You” podcast.  


May the life-force be with you all,


Kahreela and Fiona 

What's happening this month
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