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Solstice with the Star Mothers in Star Mountain

JUNE 17th - 21ST 2024

£555 Full Price

£222 First Deposit (Payment Plan)

This Solstice, join Kahreela An-Ra for a channeled land and life-force journey in the ethereal and cosmic sites of Star Mountain in Portugal.


Together, in celebration, we will be welcoming the ways of flow, rapture and creation through our bodies, and learning how to drop into deeper connection with the great mother. 


This poetic, dreamy journey is a land work service journey, where the self and service work will weave together. It is part of the "From the Mountains with Love Project.”


The intention is to explore power as flow in order to unlock a truer meaning of power and usher it into  consciousness at this time of ascension. 


The Star Mothers will teach through channeled ceremony, sacred sight activations and lived experience practices that show us how to embody power as flow.


Held in a portal of crystalline frequencies, we will journey with the land, helping to reactivate the Origin-Code of Power. The resonance of this code will assist in changing the flows, so that more of the energy currents and currencies are balanced, because real love happens in the balance. 


Here is what the Star Mothers say: 


“This is a journey of being taught how to experience the currents and flows that belong to the currency of creation. Each ceremonial experience will be surrendering into one of these flows, for example. If the theme is gentleness, you will be learning to embody this theme as current of energy. Exploring it through your contact and connection with the mountains, nature, synchronicities and channeled practises until it leads you to the activations and realisations that your need to have. In a state of fluidity that leads to alignment, you will start to embody new ways of being, feeling the self opening up to soul and learning how create by choosing more flow within your life and path. The  illumination of the Origin Codes of Feminine power will be service work that is of assistance to the great rebalancing. You will know if you are called”. 

This journey has so much flow that it literally feels like liquid love, but here is the current timetable
(it is very likely to change):  

Day One

Opening ceremony - A Journey with the Star Mothers


Day Two

Exploring how flow happens through space

We will be connecting to the mountains, nature walking in gentleness, learning how to drop into full-bodied spaciousness to receive the currents of the Earth 

A Blue Lotus Deep Listening to the Call of your Path upgrade. 


Day Three

Exploring how to open to rapture

Teaching on how opening softly means your receive, circulate, sustain more

In the Quartz cave we be will taught how to soften into greater bandwidths of light. As we illuminate our inner currents, they become currencies!


We will integrate this incredible upgrade, by letting go into allowing in a wild swimming and mountain water blessing ceremony. 


Day Four

Embodying Creation on the Solstice 

This day is about giving into Soul-Power. We will start with a Wisdom of the Apu Spirits Sunrise Ceremony. 

In service we will hold space for an Activation at the Sacred  Rose Heart Mountain. Illuminating the Origin Code of Power for the Heart of the new Earth. 


This sacred  adventure is one of wandering in order to align, for example we will intuitively find where to ask permission to enter the magic of the land. 

We will flow with space, time, nature and star rhythms, learning, as we go, new ways of alignment, whispering with our souls and responding to what Gaia offers us.

All who are called will receive new path cycle visions and heart attunements for those dreams.


Star Mountain is land that holds the Origin-codes Records and spending time in this luminous and majestic place, tunes you back into connection with your essence. From your own essence you will be lovingly learning to let your own power become flow and making space of that to be so.  


As well as teaching us this ancient creational wisdom, the Star Mothers will be nourishing our bodies into healing  and encouraging our energy systems to shine with LOVE. 



The cost covers accommodation (shared twin room), breakfast and the ceremonies.

Flights and other meals are not included.

The other meals we will have in local restaurants or the hotel restaurant. Sometimes we may do picnics for lunch and stop at a super market for that. The cost of local restaurants is about €10-20 per meal. 


There will be an additional cost for transportation.

I was guided to do this event as cheap as possible and the cheapest way to do the transport is wait until everyone books. I have been guided to leave it out of the price so that self-drive/shared lifts can magically align. The most the transport will be is about £130 per person, that will include rental cars, insurance drivers etc. 

I may be able to do it a lot cheaper than that, but will only be able to confirm the price in early June, as we might have people join who have their own car and able to lift-share. I will be able to confirm the price in early June. 


Please let me know if you are happy to drive/need a lift. Once you have booked, please get in touch about transport logistics including flights, as travelling at similar times will be easier. The transport costs will be dependant on the numbers, but I will make sure that the best and most affordable options are booked for the group's actual needs. 

The guides say this is part of the magical alignment lesson of the journey itself! 


Transport costs will include airport transfers, but you will need to be at the airport around the suggested flight times.


The suggested flights from the UK are: 

June 17th Gatwick to Porto 9.45am (arriving at 12.10pm)

June 21st Porto to Gatwick 7.45pm 


It is possible to book you into the hotel the night before but there will be an extra night fee and extra transport fee as porto is 2 hours from Star Mountain. Please do not book a return flight earlier that 7pm on 21st. 


We have had a group of Japanese people book so the ceremonies will have quiet Japanese translation - this has happened before at Starlight and most people find it deepens their experience - like having musical interludes to listen to to the inner self. 

Payment options:

£555 Full Price

£222 First Deposit (Payment Plan)


So much love to you all,


Kahreela and the Starlight Temple Tribe

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