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One To Ones - FAQs

Is it right for me?
One to ones will always be in your highest good. They often combine, channeling, energy work and whatever else is
needed for you as an individual such as card readings and 
What will we do?
All one to one's are personal, they are tailored to what you need to release and receive. They are always filled with love, guidance and wonderful energies.
Can I have a bespoke service?
Absolutely - bespoke One to One sessions and Ceremonies can be tailored specifically for occasions, to mark significant moments or to help you move through a specific block or moment in your life. 

Kahreela's set times for one to ones are from 12pm - 6pm every Tuesday.


If you would prefer a different time/date please email to request the date/time that works for you.


Please book One to Ones at least a day before so that Kahreela can prepare. 


Also if you have any questions, including booking at other times, bespoke sessions or packages for multiple sessions please email

One to Ones with Kahreela


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