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One to One Session with Edwina

Energetic chiropractor

  • 1 h
  • 88 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

I offer remote energy healing sessions which, as one client called it, are akin to a session with an "energetic chiropractor". No, I won't be cracking your bones! But, I will help you crack open trapped energy that needs to be either eliminated or released back into a flowing state. The healing session is done via video call and it will take its own journey. Sometimes, you will spend a lot of time talking to me and my responses may trigger you into reactions that feel uncomfortable. If you can acknowledge that you are triggered, and accept that this is just another aspect of how healing is channeled through me, the subsequent energy healing I will do can be concentrated on the blocks that have caused the wound which now triggers you. Revealing this wound, acknowledging it, taking responsibility where necessary, and sending love to it, will move you forward faster than sticking plaster over it or ignoring it. Your body is not meant to be a storage device for emotions and stagnant energy. Sometimes the healing session will contain few words and more channeling of energy healing. As I connect to the unconditional love of Source, Gaia, Mary Magdalene, and Sananda, I will ask you to actively participate in breathing in their healing love while breathing out everything you no longer need. During the energy healing portion of a session, I will channel areas of your body and wounds that need attention and will speak them out loud to you. You may choose to relax and allow the session to be passive by allowing me to shift the energy for you. Or, you can co-create the healing with me by consciously breathing in love into the areas and releasing what you don't need. Please note that all first sessions with me will require a confidential medical questionnaire to be completed. In booking a session with me, you are also acknowledging that you have already consulted qualified medical practitioners for any medical conditions you may have. Price inclusive of VAT.

Due to limited availability no cancellations are possible

All payments are final and non refundable

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Brighton, UK

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