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One to One Session with Claire

A healing journey of the soul. Soul healing - a type of energy healing

  • 1 hour
  • 88 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

I’m Claire. I’m a channel, a mindfulness facilitator, a space-holder, an intuitive, a lightworker, a HSP, an empath…a wounded healer. I've been involved in healing in one guise or another my whole life, be that as a psych nurse working in forensics and addiction or as a carer in nursing homes. I believe healing is my soul purpose, having spent many years helping others, a few twists of fate and poor life choices led me down the path of ill physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Having worked within the confines of western medicine, I knew that wouldn’t be my path to better health. I sought alternative ways to heal my countless open wounds, both visible and invisible. I’ve spent numerous years on the self-discovery and self-improvement path learning, receiving, practising and teaching many spiritual and esoteric healing modalities. What I offer: I am a qualified and accredited Soul Healer. I trained at Glastonbury Goddess temple, under the expert guidance of Kathy Jones (Preistess of Avalon, Preistess of Goddess, founder and creative director of Goddess House and Temple). A Healing Journey of the Soul. Soul healing: Connecting us back to Soul, in order to make us whole again. A type of energy healing, both magnetic and radiatory. Can be done hands on or off, in person or remotely. This type of healing permeates and heals the many layers we exist within - mental, astral, ether is, physical, emotional, personality, through to our essence - to our soul. You’re welcome to bring any pain, discomfort or disease to my table. Or maybe you feel as though you’d like some rebalancing? We will work with what your priority is and with any other areas that reveal themselves in the session. The sessions take roughly an hour. An initial 10 - 15 minute chat/consultation (in person or via video call). Then a 30-40 minute healing. During the healing period, nothing is required of you other than to relax and receive. After the healing we will talk about both of our experiences and delve into the insights behind this. This final part of the session will be recorded for you to refer back to in the future. This kind of healing may have an immediate effect but will also permeate over days and weeks. I will contact you again after the healing to have a brief check-in. I may bring other aspects into the sessions such as light language, channelled guidance, Astrological aspects and sound - depending on what ok comes up for us. Hope to connect with you soon. VAT

Due to limited availability no cancellations are possible

All payments are final and non refundable

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Brighton, UK

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