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Temple Alchemy Healing

Temple Alchemy is a deep process through which we can heal our Shadow

  • 2 hr 15 min
  • 333 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

Temple Alchemy is a sacred evolution process that combines Universal Lores of healing, manifesting, tantra, creation and recreation. It is an ascension and life transformation channeled process that is Unique to Starlight. The Universal Lore of Alchemy is Lore of Exchange, where the energy of one reality is created out of the release of another. Creation on Planet Earth is Alchemical- the energy of old leaves is used to create new blossoms in the spring. Souls come to Mother Earth to heal and create through her Lore of Divine Alchemy. Temple Alchemy is a channeled process, unique to Starlight, that allows you to use this divine process to release yourself from the past and ascend into new co-created realities. Every person’s reality is manifested from the combination of their conscious and subconscious knowledge vibration. When there is a block manifesting in a person’s life whether it is physical, spiritual or path it is often because their subconscious is in conflict with their conscious choice. The subconscious holds trauma, emotions, collective and family belief systems, DNA, past life memories, time-lines, karma and many other energies that are also vibrationally creating realities. Temple Alchemy uses Sacred Geometry Activations and Anhara portal energy to access the block on the subconscious vibration of the person to release and recycle the emotions, memories, belief blocks into Prana (neutral) energy. The release of these blocks creates powerful transformation in people’s lives, paths and souls. The Prana energy is then combined with channelled transmissions to create new frequencies and vibrations that are aligned with the person’s conscious choices and destiny. Their subconscious becomes flooded with their divine potential! Temple Alchemy was an essential co-creation and manifesting tool in the past Golden Ages and is an essential Ascension tool for this time of the New Golden Age of Gaia, it allows us to heal trauma, karma and memories from many this and many other lifetimes, it gives us break-through understandings ourselves and the realities we live. It allows us to become master co-creators and manifestos. Temple Alchemy has created breakthroughs for the physical body, family relationships, abundance, path and many other blocks in people’s lives. It is an intense and powerful transformation process but one that is held by unconditional love and light energies that often mean it is a very beautiful emotional experience.

Due to limited availability no cancellations are possible

All payments are final and non refundable

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Brighton, UK

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