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Fri, 16 Aug



Transcending The Mother Wound

An Experiential Astrology and Channeled Healing Workshop

Transcending The Mother Wound
Transcending The Mother Wound

Time & Location

16 Aug 2024, 15:00 BST

Wyee, 274, Toepfers Rd, Wyee NSW 2259, Australia

About the Event

Like mother’s love, it is the wound that keeps on giving. It is the primal wound, the deepest distortion of our consciousness, and the greatest block to our ability to receive love, abundance, and nourishment. This workshop looks at this wound from a higher perspective so that it can be used to bring more Earth Power into your life.

Western psychology has recognized the central influence of the mother in the psyche. But we need a larger framework than psychology to discover the hidden gifts that the Mother Wound holds. When we understand our Mother Wound in the context of our relationship to the Great Mother — Mother Earth — we are able to create profound change in our manifest realities.

In this workshop, we will transform that part of our Mother Wound story that is blocking our connection to the love, abundance, and support of Mother Earth. We will go on a deeply intimate and personal journey to alchemically process the pain structures of our Mother Wound, opening a new pathway for the flow of love that the Earth has for each of us.

This workshop offers an entirely new framework for understanding our relationship with our mothers so that we can emerge out of the distortions and stories within our consciousness and into deeper connection with the Great Mother. This framework incorporates the lens of astrology to understand the precise nature of our Mother Wound and to discover how this wound can be transformed into a tool for deeper connection to the Great Mother.

Specifically, we will meet the mother wound through the placement in our mother’s natal chart of Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer. Chiron’s position in our mother’s chart serves as a symbol of our mother’s core wound and is a guide to the unique medicine and healing gifts we receive from our mothers when the wound is transformed.

We then look to the placement of the Sun in our mother’s chart as a symbol of her core power, one that reveals our unique pathway of connection to the Great Mother.

We will come to realize that, beyond all stories and distortions, our mother’s love in its essence is the portal that brings us into contact with Mother Earth. This workshop is about opening that portal so that the love and magic of Gaia can flow through us — fully and unlimitedly. When this portal is open, we are able to receive and overflow with Gaia’s creational love, making our path of manifestation more creative and beautiful.

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