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Date and time is TBD



Welcome your Soul-More

Three Recorded Channeled Transmissions for the Royal Star Silver gate portal!

Welcome your Soul-More
Welcome your Soul-More

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD


About the Event

“The Way of your Soul is as beautiful and as flow-full as is possible in every moment.”

Welcome Your Soul-More: three channeled transmissions recorded on the Royal Star Gateway, with the help of the Star Mothers, to welcome the way of your soul into your life. 

Each transmission will help to release contractions from the Head, Heart and Hara centres so that these centres of self can open to receiving and, most importantly, hold a greater amount of Soul Energy.

Each channeled transmission is infused with Royal Star frequencies and will widen your capacity for forgiveness, compassion or celebration, causing the centre we are working with that day to expand its holding capacity, making it possible to embody more of your soul.

These transmissions are an upgrade into more beauty, as your centres of self are lit up by the aura of your soul.

There will be:

*Teachings from the Temples of Alhora on how welcome more truth, love and ‘power as flow’ into your life

*Codes of the New Earth Activations

*Sitting with your Soul practices

Each will gift you insights on how to create more space for the soul to flow and manifest through your life.

Aldebaran is one for the 4 Royal Stars. It is said to be the place where souls rest before reincarnation. The 28th-31st May is when Aldebaran crosses the Sun. It is said to be a portal that boosts our intuition, accelerates our path to enlightenment and strengthens our connection to our soul contract. This is the perfect portal to welcome your soul more.

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