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An Eclipse Window Healing 

This eclipse window, awaken the divine conversation within your body and welcome in a new paradigm of self-love. 

BODYLOVE is a channeled journey for discovering and evolving your relationship with your body. 

This total eclipse window, which is the completion of an eclipse cycle, is a chance to integrate the lessons, healing and gifts from the past year and half. 

This sacred process is for those who feel ready to live next level self-love. 

Together we will shift and transform the DAILY  habits and patterns that are in the way of us embodying our higher self-love. 

This journey is deeply personal, the reflections and the insights will be different for everyone and spirit says everyone can evolve  by meeting themselves within the following areas:



How you eat is how you receive


The expression of how you accept, allow yourself to be


Is a reflection of how you believe in yourself


Feeling beautiful is feeling your life force, and its power to manifest and create, flowing through who you are.

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The Four transmissions will include temple alchemy healing, shadow release, light chamber activations, frequency upgrades, atmosphere love bubbles and techniques to clear out  the root causes of separation, disconnection and unloved-ness that we live through our body choices and rituals. 


There will also be channeled guidance on embodiment, cellular radiance, vibrational voice affirmation  and instruction on how to hold who you are now, so that more self-love can manifest as a life you love. Anchoring into ourselves, into new affirmations, choices and actions.


Living JOY-fully, CARE-fully, LOVE-fully and SELF-Fully within the body. 

The Course will include:


Opening Ceremony

BODYLOVE Embodiment Meditation 

Four BODYLOVE Shadow Healing Transmissions

Space Holder support

Sacred Temple Space 

Community Q & A

Integration Guidance

Closing Ceremony

It is a really powerful journey for anyone who is struggling to integrate or feeling a gap between the spiritual and physical realities

Spirit Says:


“Many people are experiencing incredible love and freedom in their spiritual, energetic realities and imbalance and restriction in their manifest reality. For those of you that are experiencing this struggle to integrate, the invitation this eclipse window  is to look at where this integration is being stopped because the habits of the body are still holding the old paradigm. The vibration of your cells and the choices you are making are still patterned with who you were. This journey is a chance to recalibrate and raise the vibration of your body cells so that you can glow with who you are now”



This is a journey of becoming more consistent, more aligned and more loving through the rituals of your everyday. Because what you repeat matters.

The TIME IS NOW to raise your everyday vibration, so you radiate with the ways of the new Earth 


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Tuning in there are so many guides that want to assist us this window especially the Arcturians, Seed-code Guardians,  Ascended  Heart Masters and Ganesha will be supporting Mother Gaia who is loving overlighting  of this process 

So much love to you all,


Kahreela and the Starlight Temple Tribe

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