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Fire retreat
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Cacao, Kirtan & Fire Ceremony in the Woods


Gratia from Brighton Kirtan and Kahreela from Starlight Temple are coming together for a Fire and Kirtan Ceremony in the Woods

7th APRIL 2023
7:00pm - 9:30pm


Since it is Easter we will be starting with a heart-opening cup of Cacao and meditation for believing in love! 


This evening will be a beautiful fusion of sacred channeled ceremony and music medicine for purification, transformation, and dreaming from our hearts. 


A fire ceremony is a sacred ancient way of clearing the mind, body, and soul. In a ceremony with the deepest parts of ourselves, we release all that is no longer of service to us. Honouring the dance of transformation that flickers fire - like in our own consciousness.


In-between each offering to the fire, we will be chanting, and singing for purification and blessing, so we can journey deep with ourselves and bring more of our hearts to the ceremony. 


In a circle with our tribe, we will honour the old ways of our ancestors and open our hearts to learning the way of the stars. Fire-circles bring you back into rhythm with nature and give you the chance to hear and know what you need for your soul evolution.  The ceremony will flow with meditation, channeling, chanting and prayer as grandfather fire shows us how to become the firekeepers of our dreams.


No past experience of Kirtan or Ceremony is required.


Advance booking is essential 

Please wear warm clothes and bring blankets so you are not cold!

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