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If you haven't got time to sit in ceremony this month, here is one message you can take with you everywhere, to open up to ceremony in every day life.

Card of the month description - text describing the card and what it means.

Also describing the theme and how it connects to the wider theme of this month's astrology (?)

[Card Image or video]

If you would like to explore this theme in more depth - link to sign up to the Sanctuary monthly discussion group and/or meditation or guided channeling on this theme.

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Magic Month is packed with Astrological, Luna, Seasonal, Ancient, Ceremonial and Channeled insights!


I will explain how to use the forecast events and energies to evolve your path, heal yourself and bless your life.   


Also included are Activations, Tantra Transmissions, Meditations and Alchemy Healing - depending on what my Guides chose to share in the show.

Magic is always in the timing, this forecast gifts you with the insight, wisdom and guidance you need to be in time with the Dance of Universe!

Magic Month is a free energetic forecast but gratitude donations are encouraged and gratefully received.


See you at the next show Stargazers x


Magic month of september


Magic Month of october
OCTOber 1st 19:00 BST 
Replay will be sent via email if you sign up and cannot watch live

Channeling - Ceremony - Healing - Alchemy- Journeys - Shadow work

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