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Revive An Online Course to Heal the Patterns of Tiredness

 This course is a sacred online Temple Alchemy Healing Journey. Discover the deep-rooted reasons why you are living with Tiredness.

How does the course heal the Patterns of Tiredness work?

What is tiredness?

It is a message! A message that says:

Hey you, beautiful wonderful being! You are not in alignment. Get back into alignment. Don’t waste your energy on that which isn’t right for your soul.

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What is included?

Opening & Closing Ceremony

How to get the most out of the course guidance 

Starlight Sanctuary Support for one month

What is Tiredness giving me? An Intention Setting Journey

Guidance on how to heal through Shadow Work

6 Temple Alchemy sessions - one for each pattern.

Each will include:

Releasing and Recycling the root causes from the subconscious

◦ Receiving Light Chamber Repair on the Life Force Patterns

◦ Reviving and Restoring our Energy in Nature Landscape Bubbles

◦ Vision and Alignment Transmission

Venus Star Multiple Pattern Healing

Sacred Rest-Trust-Repair Practice

Integration Advice

*Also Included is an on-going Revive Resources Space.

The resource space means it is easy for you to access the descriptions of each pattern and guidance on how to shift them the moment you notice them.


Meet your tiredness!
Meet it, understand it, find out why and your life will change.

I am baffled and bemused at how I spent so many years doing self work and never turned my attention to tiredness.

How many times did I answer people that asked me how I was with "I am tired, I am good but I am tired”

I was saying it! Things are great but…. I ignored the “I am tired” bit for years!

Why did I think it was okay to be tired all the time?

Why wasn’t I looking for the reasons why?

In 2022 I got tired of being tired!I am lucky that I have years of connection experience that mean as soon as I said enough was enough I was able to understand tiredness, the patterns cause tiredness. I am lucky that I have the tools to release those patterns from the shadow.

The Revive Course was channeled through me and am so happy to be sharing the tools and insights with everyone that is also tired of being tired.

After using Revive to dive deep into my tiredness I can say with complete assurance that I will never EVER ignore my tiredness again!

Firstly there is not just one type of tiredness -it is like saying "there is weather happening" more importantly it is not okay to be tired all the time - it means we are living out of alinement.

Changing the habit of tiredness within me has brought my spirituality, my self love, everything I have practiced and healed within for years to LIFE. Now, I am living it!

Once you understand what tiredness is and the patterns that are causing your tiredness you can’t ignore it, it stops being okay to say "I am good but I am tired"
After this Revive journey, I am so certain that tiredness is between us our dreams, our ascension, our custodianship, and our potential.


Our tiredness is the space between us and our true nature.

When you take your healing journey into that space you and who you truly are, you will find out so much about yourself and your blocks. When you meet yourself in that space you transcend!

I am now on a mission to liberate myself and anyone I can help from the life of tiredness that is absolutely not of service to us!

My advice is to take your tiredness into healings, ceremonies, and circles, meet it. A starting place is to stop saying I am tired and stop letting be an acceptable answer for all the things that are not quite right or out of alignment in yourself and your beautiful life....


Revive has been revolutionary…

How does the course heal the Patterns of Tiredness work?

The patterns are habitual.

We do them out of habit subconsciously.

This course teaches awareness and how to become conscious of each pattern. Once we are conscious of something, we can change it.


This is what is known as Illuminating the Shadows. All patterns in our system are rooted in the subconscious. The name for the subconscious-self is the Shadow. This course helps to access the Shadow and heal the root causes of tiredness patterns.


For each pattern, the course provides in-depth explanations that help with understanding and identifying our patterns, simple practices for breaking the patterns, and Temple Alchemy Healing for the root causes of the patterns.


The Temple Alchemy Healing process accesses the subconscious in a gentle, dream-like, and safe way. It is within this that we can be guided to find the roots of our patterns before allowing the Alchemy to create an energy release from the Root Wound by recycling the energy back into neutral Prana. The Alchemy Process in all shadow healing turns wounds into neutral energy and, because it creates new energy, it is the perfect medicine for Tiredness patterns!!!


In addition to Temple Alchemy, this incredible course uses other wonderful multi-dimensional healing processes to revive and restore Life Force energy to enable opening up to living life fully charged.

What our students say?

‘Revive 2022 was a deep, emotional  dive into my energetic causes of tiredness. I had to take a
long hard look at the behaviours I had thought were helping me, but were in fact stopping me
from receiving the amazing life I deserve. I learned so much about myself, all the ways I give my
energy away, and how I can make long-lasting changes to stop doing that. The group I was with
were open hearted, brave, supportive and loving. This Course was life changing! So many of my
friends who I have told about it want to know more, and I’ve been able to offer suggestions with
the knowledge I gained. I cannot praise Kahreela and the Starlight Tribe enough.’

Melanie xx


The gifts that the Revive course have given me will surlily shine throughout the REST of my life. 
I recall years ago running into a friend and they asked me how I was. I responded good, tired. She
responded well of course your always tried I don’t think in the 40+ years I have known you there
was ever a time you weren’t tired. I was shocked by that response, I had never even given it a
though or realized that I was always tired, it was just part of my life part. 
When I was young, I blamed it on being a single mother, as I grew older, I blamed it on my work
schedule, the pressures of life. 
Now thanks to Starlight Temples Revive course on Tiredness I have finally released the tiredness,
learning through my shadow what has made, trapped and kept me tired.

The greatest gift I received was the ability to release the trapping from the past as well as the
ability to see the patterns that create them so that I can break these patterns and live a more
joyous and energetic life.

I just have to say I cannot thank Starlight Temple enough. This was by far one of the most amazing
courses I have participated in so far. In my opinion this is a absolute must have for anyone who
wants to live a full life with greater ease, and more joy.


Revive An Online Course to Heal the Patterns of Tiredness

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