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Fri, 14 Jul



Held In Prayer

Light up your Heart

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Held In Prayer
Held In Prayer

Time & Location

14 Jul 2023, 08:36


About the Event

14th -16th July

For the first time ever, Starlight is hosting an in-person HELD IN PRAYER at Buddhafield.

This prayer is a sacred service and blessing for the crystals that will be offered to Gaia at Mount Shasta, as part of the foundations of the New Earth.

The prayer will be held at Buddhafield, but you can join the prayer from anywhere in the world.

The more people that pray, the more powerful the blessing will be.

Let's come together, bless the Earth and light up our hearts.

*Please note that Kahreela will be at Buddhafield where there is no reception. There will be space-holder workshop offerings during this prayer and pre-recorded guidance and activations from Kahreela.

The Online and Buddhafield prayers are the same circle of prayer.

Your prayers will be of sacred service and, just as prayers unite people all over the world, you will be in one-ness with the Buddhafield ceremony.

If you are coming to Buddhafield, please come and join us in person!


"Let your prayers touch the Earth and reach the sky as you hold bliss which is the feeling of believing in miracles!"

This ceremony is by donation, you can donate whatever is right in your heart after the ceremony.

Please note that for the ceremony to run, we need all prayer slots filled.

You can book more than one prayer slot and please invite people - especially those in other time zones.

If we don’t fill the slots then we will have to do a shorter ceremony - which may affect the number of transmission ceremonies that can be done.


Those called will be following the ancient practice of holding each other in prayer. This is a non-religious prayer, it is an ancient temple tradition of holding each other in loving thoughts.

Holding each other in prayer is how we come into one-ness… it creates an amazingly soft, protective and beautiful energy around those who share the ceremony. Being in the state of one-ness allows for each person to open up beyond their limitations - into the miracle field! When held in this ceremony, the medicine of the human heart - kindness - allows healing to go deeper and manifesting is super-charged.

These ceremonies are profound opportunities for Way-showers, Space-holders, Frequency-Keepers, Light and Earth workers to recharge their path-gifts.

The Guides will be using this incredible Prayer Portal for Lightwork and Collective Consciousness Ascension Healing.


Held in Prayer is one of many lost Temple Ceremonies. During the Held in Prayer transmissions, Kahreela will be channeling other Lost Temple Ceremony Rites, Transmissions and Journeys to bring us into greater wholeness.

The Lost Temple Ceremonies are channeled rites and guidance about the former Golden Age ceremonies that we can receive and reclaim for this new age. Held in Prayer is one of many Lost Temple Ceremonies, the return of which feels so important to our personal wholeness and to the birthing of the New Temple Golden Age on Gaia. These  will be channeled as Journeys, Rites and Ceremonies, which you can perform for yourself or your tribe as transmissions.

“The Lost Temple Ceremonies belong to the Light Legacy Foundation of the Age of Aquaria.

In receiving them you will be restoring, repairing and reactivating

the wisdoms and ways that will allow for the birth of a new Temple time on Gaia”

The Lemuria Aquaria Lineage Guides

May you be held

May you be loved

May you be Beloved ones

May you live in the peace of the One-Heart

May you melt into the limitlessness of yourself

May you know the dance of the Starlings

And live the immunity of unity

May you remember the way of miracles

As your heart sings open

Within the one-song

May your prayer be in two-way flow

As cover each other in infinite blessings

May the kindness of your hearts

Meet in the temple of ones-ness

May you be gentle

May you be free

Maybe you return to Innocence

As you reclaim the Temple Ways

May your prayer LIGHT UP YOUR HEART

For all

Because we are all one

May you be held

May you be loved

May you be Beloved ones

Testimonials from Held in Prayer Ceremony Prayer Keepers:

“A truly precious experience, a weekend of grace, connecting with loving humans from around the world to hold prayer for the highest good. A simple practice and easy to integrate into your day. The guidance from Kahreela and her guides is so sacred and truly divine.

Everyone who is here desires to be involved in this vigil and that is what makes the energy so potent and so easily felt.

If you desire to be in ceremony with yourself and with others, yet have the space to fully integrate your experience in your own way and over time, while you are held in prayer by this honourable collective then this is certainly something to try and cherish”.


“Being held in prayer was an amazing experience. The whole time I felt so safe, so loved & really supported by the other participants. I loved holding prayer too, it was a magical sacred time for me, I felt so honoured to be able to hold prayer in this way for others. The whole experience was beautiful. I'm feeling so calm & relaxed after it all. Thank you“


“For me, being held in prayer and taking my turn to hold others in prayer, awakened this wonderful feeling of energetic community, safety, love and security. Plus a renewed sense of responsibility and need for my own part, my prayers and my open heart. I felt that together we were able to cross a threshold and be of service in a new and vibrant way and that our individuality, dedication and service was essential and valuable to the whole.

Coming into prayer at this time is important, being part of something bigger than myself was healing, clearing and restorative and is certainly something I would choose at this extremely isolating, fearful and lonely time.

Can't wait to be held in prayer again.”


We hope many will join! Please share with friends! x

Thank you, love and ascension from The Starlight Temple x


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