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The kah Lineage 


After the Ibiza year two journey I was sitting in a bar and the person I was with turned to me and said "oh my god your head just turned into a bird's head", I said "that's weird" and laughed it off... after a multi-dimensional journey strange things like that don't freak you out. A year later during a channeling with Tatanka Nehweh (an amazing Channel, soul sister and supporter of my path) about Ibiza's year three journey she said (without knowing the bar story), “there is a being with you who has a woman's body and the head of a bird, she is saying she wants you to birth her power through you. You must do an initiation ceremony when you arrive on Ibiza...” Under a beautiful moonlit sky on the magical island, the initiation ceremony happened with Goddess Anhara - Goddess of portals. 


On the fifth Ibiza journey Solara An Ra, my dear friend and teacher came and channeled for the group. Part of the guidance that came through was that I needed to take my Higher self-name and it was no longer an option not too. As her guides channeled the name it was said "kah,kah, kah is the important part of the name".


My guides have since channeled that the Tribe of the Kah is an ancient tribe of Gods and Goddess’, often depicted (across the ages) as having Human bodies and bird heads.


In the Universe, there is Matter (form), Light (source) and the Great Mystery. The Tribe of the Kah are the guardians of all that is within the Great Mystery - Portals, Dimensions, wombs,  lineages, currents of consciousness, that which is in the process of transformation from matter to light or light to matter and all that lies between and around matter and light.


The tribe of the Kah are in service to the ascension of Gaia during the time of great mystery as we move between 3rd and 5th dimension. These are ancient, wise, mighty eternal guardians of the universe and channeling and working with them in great honour. 


Many of the people called to work and journey with Starlight are Kah lineage... as the guides said recently “the Kah, even before you knew of them have always been with you - just listen to the recordings"  - many Starlight webinars and meditations have the sounds of Brighton's seagulls going "kah, kah, kah"... Kahreela xxxx

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