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Lion's Gateway:
Blue Lotus Rebirth Medicine Ceremony


A Day of Ceremony in Avebury

August 8th, 12pm until Late

Kahreela Anhara is delighted to be holding a Blue Lotus Medicine Rebirth Ceremony in Avebury on 8th August 2022 which is the peak of the Lion's Gate Portal.


Together we will gather in this Ancient Temple of Avebury for a channeled medicine ceremony to bring us into greater connection with the Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth, so that we can ceremonially dream and birth new codes of potential.


The ceremony will use Blue Lotus as a medicine. Blue Lotus was revered in Ancient Egypt where Lion's Gate was the most important festival to celebrate the spiritual New Year, a time of year when Sirius rises before the Sun in our skies. Blue Lotus is a medicine for healing and connecting. It is a very gentle medicine that works as a meditation aid, helping you to open your heart to yourself. It is smiler to cocoa so you will be able to drive home!


The Ceremony will e in flow, but will include:


Initiation Ceremony 
Blue Lotus Medicine tea
Heart of the Earth Journey 
Dream Quartz Light Chamber 
Crystalline Lotus Opening
Womb of Light seeding 
Rose Blessing for the new roots

We will begin at 12 midday with an initiation ceremony to bring us into spiralling service. After lunch, we will come into circle to receive medicine and to journey together.

In meditations of living beauty, we will be receiving life force energy and the opening of the Inner Lotus. We will be given channeled breath practices, and the figure of 8 flow of potential and purpose. We will then be guided on a Shamanic Dream journey, allowing the gentle wisdom of Blue Lotus medicine to ripple through us to bring us into deeper connection with ourselves, Mother Earth, and the dreams of what could be. From the space of deep inner connection, we will open the Inner Lotus to receive more of our life force, our potential, and guidance about our path.


This is a ceremony of journeying with the heart of the Earth, breathing with Mother Earth’s visions for humanity, and birthing the Eden frequencies into love. All of this will be held within a Dream Quartz Light Chamber for multi-dimensional healing and to receive Lion's Gate code activations.


The time is now to rebirth our power… Pow-Her. You will KNOW if you are called to attend this very special ceremony. 

The price for this ceremony is




Please note that all of the ceremonies will be taking place outside - whatever the weather so please come prepared 


This afternoon is overlighted by Goddess Isis and supported by the Rainbow Grandmothers, the Star Councils of the Light, and Mary Magdalene.


We hope you can join in with this sacred afternoon of anchoring into the love of Mother Earth and dreaming new formations with her. In one-ness with the Mother, we open up to our and her sacred soul purpose as one.

Image by Jacob Aguilar-Friend
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