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Surrender - Inner Discovery Journey


A meditative channeled journey into the nature, experience and power of Surrender


In the Spring of 2020 in the UK, (and like a lot of the world) we found ourselves in Lockdown due to COVID-19.


Reacting to these unpresented time I asked for Guidance about how to help people and she received the following insight:


"This time may be urging you to step into the Primal, Primordial, powerful wild part of yourself! The human collective are meant to use this time of great mystery and change to re-discover and re-connect with some of the themes of Nature’s Deep Feminine wisdom such as; Immunity, Community, Resilience, Purification, Exposure, Clarity, Resourcefulness, Stillness, Strength, Sovereignty and Surrender.”


This powerful Guidance inspired the creation of the Inner Discovery Journeys, each based around a theme listed by the Guides.


As each was created we realised how each theme was completely different from the next; in energy, feeling, healing and teachings!


I thought I knew what these themes were about, but having been through the journeys I have developed a much more profound connection with the essence at the core of each theme –these journeys are very powerful experiences.


We hoped that by helping people turn inwards, and through remembering how much there is still to inwardly learn that they will to re-discover their inner wisdom, and in doing so that they will find the ability to adapt to the new circumstances rather than be overcome by them.


Surrender was the first Inner Discovery Journey created and so it felt right that it would be the first listed on the website.


We are in another lockdown here in the UK and despite the frustrations this is a powerful, gifted time in which we are meant to heal, dream and welcome more of our divine potential into the world!


I hope those called to Surrender, will sink into embrace of the great mystery in these changing times and awaken their inner knowledge of Surrender, allowing it grace to rise through and support them.


These journeys were extremely well received and helpful to many people which is why we decided to share them as downloadable transmissions now.


Also it is important to know that the Channeled frequencies and energies from the Guides will be with you as if this was live.


The Guides said that listening to these Inner Discovery journeys will be just as magical at any time because the channeled tools are imbedded in the journey – beyond space and time.


There is a short introductory session and then the you will have four Transmissions (downloaded all together with the purchase).


Here are the titles of the Transmissions, each are around 1 hour to 1.5 hours:


Surrender as frequency

Sovereignty as Ceremony

Healing the Blocks to Surrender Manifesting Through Surrender

Manifesting through Surrender


By exploring these themes as tools; for healing, manifesting, wisdom and ascension we can birth into much greater states of our own potential, experience more joy and importantly, be troubled by less fear.


If you choose to go on the Surrender Inner Discovery Journey we would love to know how it was for you?!


Please do let us know on email or any of our social media!


If you have any questions you can message us or email


So Much Love and Blessings to you all

Starlight Temple


A meditative channeled journey into the nature, experience & power of Surrender

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