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A Six-Part Channeled Healing Journey 

This course is about learning how to Hold Space for Self-love to be lived.  


Channeled lessons and Healings from Spirit will facilitate a deep-dive exploration into becoming Beloved. We will move into flow with the energy that delivers humanity into safety and the inner sanctuary of Certainty. 

Kahreela received Channeled Guidance on the necessity of the four Cs of safety to be taught at this time, when our human journey is a particularly destabilising time.

Through this learning, we can reconnect and heal through these key aspects (the four Cs), which together allow for safety and self-love. We must become deeply (re) - connected to all four of the four Cs, in order to reach a state in which we can truly hold ourselves as Beloved!

The four C’s forming the basis for this deep dive are:


Community, Compassion, Connection, and Communication 


Once known in spirit the four Cs can carry you into the inner sanctuary of Certainty.


This is also an activation of the Aquarian way, and values, an opening of the self into the way of belovedness!

This is a channeled invocation, moving out of growing from pain and into growing from love.

An end to the separated-ness, by coming together in wholeness, as you learn to hold space for your own Certainty.

This journey is overlighted (meaning the overseeing Guide is)  by Kwan Yin -  Mother Goddess of Compassion

Kwan Yin will be joined by the  Priestess of the Rose - a beautiful temple collective of guides

that teach wisdom and rites on softening into self-love 

Every transmission has been Channeled - directed by the Guides who work specifically for the souls whom have been called to this course, meaning healing will be tailored for you! 


Over six sacred lessons, those called to this journey will receive -


Light Chamber Healings

Spirit Teachings

Plant Frequency Attunements

Channeled Healing Activations

Guidance on how to embody and live the 4 Cs of Safety

Support to access the sanctuary of Self Certainty.


The six Channeled transmissions are: 










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Course price £122

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