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A Course in Boundaries

A Course in Boundaries


Boundaries are Grace

This is a journey of becoming Fierce Grace



Starts 9th August - 15th September 2022



Book via a deposit or pay in full - available at the bottom of the page

Please read Starlight's Course Guidelines before purchasing this course. On purchasing this course you are agreeing to these principles.

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“All of life grows into Space. Boundaries are the way you hold space for your own growth. Your boundaries change with you; they are the love that holds the space for you to thrive, to rest, to receive and, most importantly, to be. This is a journey of learning to BE you.” 


This course is a beautiful channeled Temple process of discovering your boundaries.


At this time of so much personal growth, the boundaries of our past need to change and evolve. This is a sacred opportunity to let that evolution happen. Over a six week immersion starting in August, we will come into divine conversation with the edges of ourselves and the deep intimacy of our own knowing.


"Your true NO is really your KNOW.”


Together we will experience and explore channeled teachings and practices on how to hold more space for ourselves. We will meet the Inner Guardian Archetypes that can teach us about our boundaries. We will receive transmission healing on old broken boundary patterns and learn to hold true boundaries with ourselves and when relating to others.


Together we will empower our ‘no’!


This is a journey of embodying our wild right sovereignty and learning to live the expressions of sacred respect.

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Each live workshop will be a gateway process, and each gateway will be based on holding space around an aspect of yourself.
The 6 live workshops are:

Respect my Body


Respect my Energy


Respect my Trust


Respect my Needs


Respect my Time


Respect my Pleasure



Each of the live workshops will include the following:

Channeled teachings on Living your Boundaries

Light Chamber Healing for Broken Boundary life-force patterns 


Journeying to meet an Inner Guardian Archetype


Wild Boundaries Landscape Repair Transmission

I am intuitively guided to not give too much away in this description so that you meet the Archetypes and Wild Landscapes in the moment - which is always when true boundaries are expressed.


Every live workshop will also be recorded so you can do it in your own time.

The course will also include the following:

Opening Ceremony

A Resting into Trust Red Circle daily practice

A weekly Animal Spirit of Boundaries meditation journey 

Weekly optional Community and Q&A time 


Space Holder support 


Sacred Temple Space 


Integration advice


Closing Ceremony 

Image by Rohit Tandon

This is a swirling, magical journey of medicine, listening, and learning about the strength of your love. 

​​​Book to secure your place

Full Course Investment £333

Pay a deposit £167


Please read Starlight's Course Guidelines before purchasing this course. On purchasing this course you are agreeing to these principles.


This Course is overlighted by The Rainbow Grandmothers and supported by Sananda, Mary Magdalene, the Star Councils of Light, the Lineage of Aquaria, and the Spirits of Nature and the Animal Kingdom.


So much Love and Healing to you all 



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