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Fire retreat
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Seasonal Ceremony - Entering Deep Winter 


Gratia from Brighton Kirtan and Kahreela from Starlight Temple invite you - beautiful heart - to an evening retreat of surrendering and celebrating the wild love of this season.

11th december 2023
7:15pm - 9:30pm


These beautiful gatherings are opportunities to attune to your inner rhythm, to the medicine of this specific time of year, so that you can flow and manifest upon blessings of this season. Together we will drop deeper into the love of Goddess Gaia, discover the wisdom that the archetype of this time of year has to offer us and learn to receive in rhythm of nature.

These sacred circles will combine meditation, channeled guidance, gentle medicines teas, rituals of self-love and self-massage, sound and kirtan journeys.

This time of year is when everything becomes still, to hold stillness for the dawn of your new direction to happen.


We will gather together and drink heart warming tea, receiving guidance and healing from the Star-mothers!


In circle we will:

Sing into our inner silence

Receive self massage to sooth the inner voice

Return ourselves to the earth  for a magnetic body repair healing

Witness your inner light- a meditation for clarity


All of these practices will bring you into a place of stillness and serenity where your new direction can align.

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Entering Deep Winter (1).png
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