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Sun, 28 May



Holding You

Four Live Channeled Transmissions on How to Hold More of Your Sacred Life-Force Energy! A by-donation Offering for the Royal Star Gateway

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Holding You
Holding You

Time & Location

28 May 2023, 17:00 BST – 31 May 2023, 20:30 BST


About the Event

Experience the transformative power and beauty of the Royal Star Aldebaran Gateway.

Join Kahreela, the Star Councils of the Light, and the Circle of Ascended Masters for 4 Live Channeled transmissions on How to Hold More of Your Sacred Life-Force energy!

This special Gateway is a divine opportunity to evolve and enlighten yourself with more beauty, love, and truth.

From the 28th to the 31st of May, as the Sun crosses Aldebaran, the home of the silver gate portal and one of the four Royal Stars, a profound activation of energy is available. Aldebaran brings forth qualities of good fortune, bravery, and stamina. Aldebaran is known as the Star of Enlightenment.

This sacred process will be channeled to help you realize that your Higher Self and your life-force energy are the same. By increasing your capacity to hold your energy, you will be able to embody more of your higher self.

Here is what Spirit Says:

“This is a journey of learning to hold more of yourself.

These Royal Star Gateway transmissions are an offering from the Stars to you! Each of the Transmissions is a portal to help you increase your ability to hold more life force energy inside of you. The more life force energy you hold, the more you live from your higher self and those choices that are in alignment, the more easeful your manifestations, the more graceful your words, and the more beautiful your experience.

Each transmission will include healings, guidance, and techniques that lead to greater stamina for holding yourself and your energy in your body in all situations. This is a journey of living in beauty; when you live in beauty, you are living embodied. What you are embodying is your higher self. This Gateway is an opportunity to upgrade so that you can hold with more ease, grace, and consistency. Holding your self through a greater range of experiences and holding more of the sparkles that are your creative power inside of your body. So that you live Choice over Reactivity! This is a chance to hold yourself MORE. The more you can hold, the more you can manifest the new Earth because your Higherself is the energy that creates the new Earth. The thoughts, words, choices, and responses of your Higher Self are the NEW EARTH WAYS, the more of this energy that you can hold for a longer period within your body, the more quickly you can align, create and live the NEW EARTH beautifully. ”

These four transformative transmissions are titled:

  1. Sacred Hunger
  2. Expanding Every Time
  3. Held in the Field
  4. Living BeautiFULLY

Each transmission will assist with the healing of blocks and provide practical guidance on how to hold and embody more of your energy. They offer activations to enhance your connection with your higher self-consciousness through frequency and code transmission.

The purpose of these transmissions is to expand your capacity to hold and embody greater amounts of energy. Most importantly, the transmissions give you an experience of holding more of your Self so that the range of the energy you can embody increases.

The more we can hold our energy, the more vibrationally consistent we become with the New Earth and Higher Self way of being.

These gateway transmissions are by donation; you donate whatever feels right in your heart once the Gateway ends.

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