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Reclaim Your Life Force Energy

Discover the deep-rooted reasons why you are living with Tiredness, learn understand and transcend in this mini video series FREE for a limited time only

Reclaim Your Life Force Energy
Reclaim Your Life Force Energy

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You are meant to be so much more than tired!

 What is Tiredness? 

It is a message!

A message that says:

“Hey you, beautiful wonderful being! You are not in alignment. Get back into alignment. Don’t waste your energy on that which isn’t right for your soul.”

Tiredness is a sign that your energy is being misused. Specifically, when our Life Force Energy has been wasted. This happens when our subconscious patterns cause us to expend the energy of our bodies and we become depleted.

When energy is kept in the body, it self-generates and we feel joy and fulfillment. This is when we are living life beautifully. Cast out of the body, energy fades away and we feel drained, tired, less able to cope, less healthy, etc.

When Life Force energy (spirit energy) remains inside our body, we come into alignment. Tiredness expresses itself via the symptom of being out of alignment.

We must stop wasting our Life-Force energy! It is the juice of our own fulfillment! Our tiredness is letting us know that the energy for our BEST LIFE is not in our bodies.

When you understand the six patterns that cause tiredness, you are less likely.

To live them.

 What are the patterns of tiredness? 

The patterns of tiredness are habitual ways in which we misuse our Life Force energy or allow it to leave our bodies. We live  these patterns all the time. This is why we are tired all the time. Every time we misuse it, we are wasting the juice which is the Key to living our best life!

The six main patterns that cause tiredness are:







Understanding the six patterns has been so life-changing for everyone at Starlight that we want everyone to know about these patterns.

In this video series, you get access to an understanding of each pattern and how to transcend it.

FREE for a limited time only


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    FREE for a limited time only




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