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Starligth Guidelines
Image by Sayak Bala

House Clearing Course Disclaimer

Beautiful Temple Tribe 


We are really looking forward to the energetic process of this course starting. Portal work is powerful, beautiful and wonderful, but it is also important that you do it correctly.


We are also deeply passionate about what we call grounded spirituality. House Clearing will help in many areas of your life but it is not a magic trick, the clearing work you do works alongside New lifestyle choices and Path actions to better your life. 


The same applies to physical health, love life, etc… Any of the intentions that you are calling to your house through this clearing. 


By signing up for this course you are agreeing to the following:


I agree to complete this process in full as guided. I understand that integrity is an important part of portal work. I will only use these specific techniques for the portals that they are guided to be used for. 


I understand that different types of portals require different processes and that in order to work with other portals I need to be empowered in my own connection and confident in what I am doing.


I understand that this home clearing process is something that can help with raising my vibration and I understand that the intentions and manifestations I call into this process happen through a combination of energy work, inner work, healthy lifestyle choices* and path actions. 


*I understand that whilst home clearing can assist in helping me to vibrationally feel better if I have physical health conditions or problems I need to seek professional medical advice. 


I will not be sharing or publishing the content of this course. I know that by the end of this process I will be initiated into doing home clearings for other people’s homes. I am happy to credit the Starlight Temple if I offer these clearings and in doing so would like to be part of the House Clearing Support group.

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