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Manifesting on your Cycle

Manifesting on Your Cycle

A course to awaken the creational power of your Feminine energy




Starts January 6th

Full investment £222*

Starlight Sanctuary Members save 20% on this course

At Starlight temple we believe self-care should give in all directions. So, 10% of all profits of this course will go towards RISE UK, a small independent charity for victims of domestic abuse. May we support each other.

Your Monthly Cycle is a Circle of Life. 


The feminine cycle is the source creation of human life.

The wisdom of your cycle is the wisdom of bringing to life.

The magic of your cycle is the magic of manifestation.

The seasons of your cycle are the seasons of creation. 


Creation is when you manifest out of love…

Whether you bleed or not, your monthly cycle is your inner Circle of Life.


This circling of ancient, primal, creational love is your nature.

The cycle doesn’t happen only when creating a new human life; it happens every month of every year of your life, irrespective of whether you bleed or not.


You are the living of the seasons of creation!

What if you were meant to harness that cycle and use it to create a life you love?
What if your creational cycle is part of HER-story?

What if this wheel of creation that you live every month is meant to be used to weave your dreams into form?

What if you allow these forces and seasons of creation inside of you to birth the new world?


This is a course in Wombmanifestation.
This is the call to those who are ready to rise…

"Womb-man, if you give yourself time to feel the force of creation that cycles through you every month, you will realise that anything is possible.

When you give yourself a chance to become intimate with the pulses of creative desires, you will know the magic of the timing inside of you.

By turning your manifestations towards your bellies, you learn to love your source of creation into overflow.

By listening, you surrender into the wisdom that 'letting go is letting grow'.

Living the creative cycle is living the rapture of your feminine power.

Wombmanifestation is becoming enlivened by your own circle of life through which all dreams can be birthed."

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Manifesting on your Cycle is a channeled course on how to live the wisdom of creation within your Feminine Cycle and the art of using this force for manifesting the life you want.


It is a deep dive into the Seasons of the Cycle - which are not what you think they are!


This course is also a discovery of the archetypes of the Cycle and an exploration of the ways of self-love that mean your Moon Cycle is so much more than a physical or healing journey… May it become a journey of embodying the Inner Queen of Creation, living the ways of the Goddess and giving life to that which you dream to be. 


This journey is for all who identify as women, whether you physically bleed or not, whether you are Cis or Transgender, whether you are pre or post-menopausal - your cycle is a collaboration, conversation and a ceremonial dance with nature’s creational forces.


The course is in three parts: Preparation, Manifesting on your Cycle and Closing the Journey. 


All of the course content ceremonies and workshops are pre-recorded, so you can attend them in your own time. Each week there will be a live community time Sister's Circle held by Kahreela or women who have already done the course process (supported and trained by Kahreela). This was guided because women's magic only truly happens in circle!


There will also be Monthly Live Workshops and Q&A Community Time with Kahreela and Spaceholders. 

Here is the Course Timetable


Preparation Month: January
The month will include the following webinars, ceremonies, and workshops:


*Red tent Opening Ceremony

*Understanding the Seasons of the Cycle of Creation

*Archetypes of the Cycle

*Womb Alchemy Healing

*Rainbow Grandmother Magic of Creation Activation
*Awakening the Inner Queen - an Amrita Activation

Manifesting on your Cycle Month: February
This month is a Journey with your Cycle.
For each session of your Cycle you will work with:

*Archetype of the Season Entrance Activation

*A Season of Creativity Daily Meditation

*A Loving-into-form Ritual

*Circle of Joy - Hormone Boost Guidance

After Cycle Month Live Workshops: March

*Warrior Woman Guardian of Dream Actions Journey

*Creating together and teaching to others - Woman Manifesting for the New Earth
*Inner King Ceremony


*Closing Ceremony

This course will also include:

*A Temple Space for sharing the journey

*An offering for manifestation ritual

*Rainbow Prayer vision mediation for the next cycle

*New Moon Intention listening meditation

*Full Moon Intention vision meditation
*Charting your Cycle workbook

*Video resources on bleeding, menopause, Grandmother and Non-Cis female magic
*Weekly live Community Time Sisterhood Circles

Each week there will be a Live Community time, Sisters Circle, held by women who have already done the course (supported and trained by Kahreela).


In addition to Kahreela’s workshops the sisters Holding the Course Community times will also hold the following live workshops:


*Helen: Journey through the wheel of the year

Helen has been walking the path for over 18 years and has been working professionally in the healing arts for over 10 years. A healer, channel, meditation teacher, healing business owner and essence producer. She works closely with a wide range of guides and teachers, nature with her cycles and seasons, and offers a multidimensional but down to earth approach.


*Laura - Details coming soon



Womb Magic is Vast and Ancient. This journey is the Foundation of the Womb Creation principles. For Women who have explored the foundation, a portal for going deeper into this wisdom and out to live it will be coming later in the year...
Who is this Course For?


This is a course for ALL WOMEN, if you identify as a woman then you have a connection with feminine magic and can work with the Cycle as it flows through your own unique energy and body.


This is a course for any woman who wants to deepen their connection to their body, their magic and their inner wisdom.


This is a journey for women who want to improve their ability to manifest, and who feel the stirrings of wanting more than the life they are living now. A process for anyone who wants greater intimacy (INTO ME, I SEE) within their manifestation process, and for any woman that wants to create out of self-love and sisterhood.

It is for you if you want to reclaim HER-story.

This course is calling you if there is an inner sense and knowing that your cycle is more beautiful, more meaningful, and more powerful than you have ever imagined it to be. Our cycle is part of our lives and the more we can connect to it the more it can serve our lives. 

​​​Book to secure your place*

Course Investment £222

At Starlight temple we believe self-care should give in all directions.
So, 10% of all profits of this course will go towards RISE Uk, a small independent charity for victims of domestic abuse.
May we support each other.​​

*Please read Starlight's Course Guidelines before purchasing this course. On purchasing this course you are agreeing to these principles.

So much Love and Manifesting to you all 



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