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New Year's Ceremony - Bejewelling the Chakras 2024.png

A New Year Sweat and Sound Ceremony 

Bejewelling the Chakras 2024

1st January 2024
1:30pm - 8:30pm


Due to the size of the sauna places are limited, so please book early to secure your place. 

Registrations close on December 23rd 2023.

A Sweat and Sound Ceremony to upgrade your chakras so they become a vibrational match for your 2024 intentions! 

Gratia (Brighton Kirtan) and Kahreela (Starlight Temple) are collaborating in this rare and wonderful opportunity to begin the year brimming with light!


This is a chance to start your year by becoming a vibrational match for that which you dream to be in 2024. 


This  ceremony is about connecting you to the dream that your soul has for this new year. Awakening the visions that your higher self knows can happen for you, through the medicines of sweating, singing and sacred frequency transmission healing. Each person will become attuned to those visions. As you become a vibrational match for the visions, you become the person that can make those beautiful dreams happen.


This is a very sacred first day of this year for people who want to begin the year infused with the vibrations of the Crystal of Love. The intention is to start the year feeling alive with confidence, capability and possibilities.


We have the Saltdean sauna and the entire Lido area to ourselves. So you can go wild by setting your  voices free!


The event will include:


*Intention Offering Ceremony - Connecting to Mother Earth and inviting her to dream with us!


*Bejewelling the Chakras in a Sound and Sweat Ceremony in the Sauna - Using sacred song and sound, channeled transmissions, and sweat to cleanse and attune the chakras and physical body vibrations to the visions you have for 2024. 


*As well as the Sweat and Sound Ceremony, our time at the Saltdean sauna includes our own sauna master offering leaf whisking, aromatherapy, cold plunge pools, space to relax, snacks and spicy chai. 


Afterwards we will head back to Brighton for a closing circle at Kahreela’s, with homemade soup, tea and a sharing circle, as well as self-massage and a channeled guidance integration meditation to close!


Together we will Embody our Greatest visions of 2024!


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