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Heal Tiredness Wound
Image by Igor Kasalovic

An Eclipse Window Shadow Healing Course 


The Starlight Temple is honored to be holding space for a sacred online

Temple Alchemy Healing Journey.

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Please read Starlight's Course Guidelines before purchasing this course. On purchasing this course you are agreeing to these principles.

This is a deep dive to break through the habits of tiredness in the life force energy of the self.


The Guides say the 6 main tiredness habits are:
Pushing, Dragging, Draining, Pleasing, Avoiding, Blocking

Over six Temple Alchemy Transmissions, we will dive into the shadow roots of all six habits.
Releasing them from our subconscious with the incredible power of Temple Alchemy. Using other wonderful multi-dimensional healing processes we will revive and restore our life force energy and open up to living life fully charged.


It has been guided that between each session there will be a day off which includes a sacred rest practice.


“Tiredness is the expression of being out of alignment, the expression of misuse of your sacred and beautiful energy. Living by pushing through tiredness burns through your precious life force energy, meaning you are less resilient, less creative, less healthy, and less of yourself. To transcend the patterns of tiredness is one of the essential stages of ascension for doing so means being able to live more of your path, power, joy and the alignment of the way of the Higher Self”

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Solar Eclipse

This Live course will be in flow, but will include:

Opening Ceremony


What is Tiredness giving me? An Intention Setting Journey


Six Temple Alchemy Sessions, which will include:
-Releasing and Recycling the root causes from the Subconscious
- Receiving Light Chamber Repair on the Life Force Patterns
- Reviving and Restoring our Energy in Nature Landscape Bubbles


Vision and Alignment Transmission


Guidance on how to heal through Shadow Work


Space Holder Channeled Support


Community Time


Sacred Rest Meditation


Q&A with Spirit


Sacred Temple Space


Closing Ceremony



All sessions will be live and recorded and can be done in your own time

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This Course is Overlighted by Goddess Isis
Supported by Gaia, The Star councils of the Light, The Rainbow Grandmothers, The Lumeria - Aquaria Lineage, and the Tribe of the Kah

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Full Course Investment £333

Pay a deposit £133


Please read Starlight's Course Guidelines before purchasing this course. On purchasing this course you are agreeing to these principles.


So much Love and Awakening to you all 



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