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BELIEVE IN HUMANITY - A lesson from the Winter Solstice

Every Winter Solstice I am in Avebury. This is part of my soul contract, the most deep an ancient knowing within me knows that is where I am meant to be for the Solstice. Usually

I am there holding a Starlight Soul Journey for a group which combines self-work and earth work in magical adventurous ceremony. This year, all year I have held in my heart that I will be in Avebury, alone if I have to be but I will be there. Fortunately tier two (my home in Brighton) to tier two (Avebury Wiltshire) meant it was possible. We couldn’t run a journey, but for a small group of friends who were called to also be there I welcomed them to join me in a socially distanced outside sharing of ceremony and light work.

There were many powerful and magical moments, but as I sit soaking in this journey the moment that sticks out to me is a lesson.

Avebury is outside other than the Long barrow - a 5000 year old stone chamber -outside but under the earth.

The guidance I received was to hold a midwifing ceremony for new consciousness inside.

Our small group walked up the hill to the entrance of the Long Barrow and heard drumming.

We checked and there were two people drumming near the entrance.

Not wanting to interrupt their ceremony we sat on top of the long barrow, opening ceremony with the setting sun.

I was nervous about this ceremony; it was the one time we were truly in the guideline gray area - the Long Barrow is a place of worship but it is too small to socially distance even in a small group.

I noticed one of the drummers came out, holding his drum and wearing a mask.

He seemed intent on looking at me, inside I panicked, thinking is he going to report us, I continued with the ceremony and he came out again, panic in me again, this went on many times. My guides were channeling the ceremony and then they said the words, that for me will be a balm of medicine in me forever more “believe in Humanity”. It was like a wash, a rush of peace happened inside me on those words. I knew it was time to enter the Long Barrow and simply believe in humanity - in the love respect and trust we have for each other.

Oh how my fears judgements and panic were humbled!

At the entrance the man with the mask and the drum looked at me and eye-smiled.

He said “we have been waiting for you to come in, we have blessed and prepared the space, we want to drum for you as you walk into your ceremony”.

They had lit the Long Barrow with candles, scattered it with rose petals and in all the years I have spent in the long barrow I have never felt as much blessed heart energy as those two men had created.

We invited them to join but they said “we were happy to drum you in, please take the candles when you go because the only thing you should leave is love”.

This was the moment that all the fear and worry and judgement in me bowed - face and heart in the blessed earth - to believing in humanity...

Believing in humanity is how we will stop fearing and judging each other and how we will be able to receive the blessings and teaching that ones we have feared and judged are waiting to give us.

Just as we were about to open ceremony a mother and a little girl came in, the girl had left an arrow head, she knew it was there but couldn't find it and we shone torches to help her find it. There ceremony was gentle, it was sung and dreamt and offered to the great mother. How it began for me was one of the great lessons of 2020, I saw as we opened ceremony

That the sacred masculine age has prepared the space perfectly for this time of midwifery, there is so much heart energy holding us, waiting for us to believe in humanity in order to feel it. That the holders of land space and power can effortlessly, gracefully and lovingly work out this hand over together if we believe in humanity, I saw that love is waiting for us to believe in humanity, I saw that all we have to do is believe in Humanity - it is the drum - the heart be to which we will pass ceremonial through the passage of this time of birthing.

I saw that what we adults are here for is to help the children find, what they know they have but has lost, we serve the arrow (direction) by creating ceremony that shows the way, directs the way to the golden age. I saw the great mother reminding us "through it all remember to tidy up, clean up the mess and only leave love behind". To me this was a moment of alignment where mother earth spoke. Believe in Humanity, believe in the humanity of everyone, believe in their kindness, their generosity, their discernment, believe in humanity for it is the only force that can navigate us through the winds of change, believe in Humanity for this is how we love in this time of so much fear. This time is the time where paths are not simply paths, they are legacies, path that are the foundations of a future world... what if our collective legacy is simply to Believe in Humanity - because this how we will only leave love behind.



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