Re-energise: A Webinar on Healing the Tiredness Wounds

Meeting your inner energy crisis is part of ascension at this time - imagine what you could do if you were not tired?

Your tiredness is speaking to you, getting your attention so that you can align. This webinar is an introduction to the divine conversation with your tiredness so that you stop burning your precious life-force out.

During this Soul landscaping webinar, held in gentle healing frequencies you will be guided to meet your inner ‘Pleasing Pattern’ - which is one of the six main causes of tiredness. This pattern not only turns you out it makes you out of time too.

This is an immersive journey of coming into conversation with why you are tired and receiving channeled healing to release it. It is also an invitation into a new way of being by opening up to how precious your life force energy is.

This is a sacred immersion into Radical Self-love - loving yourself enough to ALIGN with your truth and live life fully charged.