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Thrive - A webinar on Manifesting Abundance

To thrive is the purpose of all of nature, it is your body and soul's purpose. Yet, are you thriving?

Do you know what the root meaning of the word thrive is?

To ‘Grasp to oneself’

It’s quite an act of self-love - to grasp to oneself.

Thriving and Self are so deeply intertwined in our consciousness that it is not a surprise that many of us struggle to manifest abundance.

We all feel a calling deep inside us, a longing of our own nature, a force within that wills us to thrive.

Yet layered on top of that are so many mixed emotions and belief systems that hold us back from living our own abundance.

This webinar is a beautiful soul landscaping journey that will unravel vibrational manifesting for you, it will teach you to go beyond the surfacing emotions, into a place of surrendered self-love.

In order to give ourselves permission to thrive, we need to delve deep into the roots, rhythms, energy-verbs, and vibrations of abundance.

It is only by dropping into the core of what abundance truly means, what it vibrationally means that you can transcend the emotions and beliefs that stand in your way.

Only then can you fully awaken your right to thrive.

In this webinar, you will:

Learn how vibrational manifesting works

Receive sacred channeled healing

Discover the inner- mechanics of Vibrational abundance

Reconnect to the Tree of life in a stunning soul landscaping journey

Gift yourself with permission to thrive

This free webinar is gifted to you...

With love from the Starlight Temple x



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